After-School Homework Program

Middle School students staying at school after 4:10pm are required to participate in the following teacher-supervised After-School Homework Program:

Hours:   4:10pm – 5:30pm
Cost:     $10 for any amount of time between 4:10pm and 5pm. From 5pm to 5:30pm, there will be an additional flat fee of $15. If a child stays the entire time from 4:10pm to 5:30pm, the total cost is $25.

This program meets in the Math Science building lobby and operates only on days when school is in session. Fees for the program will be billed accordingly through the Business Office. All Middle School students who are on campus after 4:10pm on school days are required to report to the program when not participating in sports or other teacher-supervised activities. Program participants must be picked up in the Math Science lobby by 5:30pm.