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COVID-19 Response Support

Students have always described Tandem as a place of acceptance and safety through the turbulence of adolescence, but the past year has given that role a new twist. Putting the health and well-being of our students and faculty first has taken a new form with the onset of COVID-19. We have invested in technology, infrastructure, and sanitization to support learning both on-campus and remotely. Here are some of our investments:
  • Rented four large canopy tents to allow activities to be safely held in person, outdoors.
  • Quadrupled broadband internet and expanded WiFi access points throughout campus to have increased capacity to support online meeting platforms and streaming.
  • Invested in portable air and UV filtration units and added UV filtration to existing HVAC systems.
  • Added microphones, cameras and projectors to improve the quality of remote learning, making social distancing and synchronous remote learning possible.
  • Provided training for faculty to support high quality remote teaching and professional development to help with the new hybrid teaching models.
  • Purchased personal protective equipment and health screening supplies such as disposable masks, face shields, gloves, thermometers and hand sanitizing stations.
  • Applied antimicrobial barrier protection to all high-touch surfaces.
  • Contracted with the BUDD Group - an expert team of cleaners who are keeping campus disinfected throughout the day, every day.
You can support Tandem's investment in our COVID-19 response by making a gift to the Tandem Friends Fund.  Select COVID-19 Response as your fund selection.