Academic Excellence

Founded on uniquely collaborative relationships among faculty and students, Tandem Friends School offers an academic and intellectual education of the first order. We nurture in each student an enthusiasm for discovery of knowledge, an appreciation for the beauty and power of ideas, and a commitment to intellectual growth. 
We honor students by challenging them to discover critical skills for a complex world as well as their own unrecognized strengths, inclinations, and sympathies. Our graduates are well prepared to continue their formal education at the college level; some seek the added experience of a period of public service, international travel, or opportunity to address a keenly felt personal challenge. We expect our graduates to lead lives of integrity, excellence and service.

As a small and flexible school, Tandem Friends encourages and enables students to pursue inventive approaches to learning. Students can pursue specific interests through tutorials set up with one or more instructors. Tandem Friends also gives students room to proceed at their own rate: a seventh grader may join an Upper School geometry class; a senior may study biology, a course traditionally offered to 9th graders. Tandem Friends’ teachers continually enrich the curriculum with electives and tutorials in areas of special interest, such as media studies, economics, fractal theory, bioethics, and digital film.