7th Graders and Cafe 007 Never Disappoint

In drama this year, 7th graders are putting together digital skits and videos for episodes of their own original material in Cafe 007. Group 1 completed their drama class in November. Material was created, filmed and edited in online classroom Meets, and individually at home, and then pieced together to form episodes. They created five episodes of Cafe 007! Middle School drama teacher Lydia Horan has enjoyed the creativity and perseverance of these young writers/performers/filmmakers! Click on the links below to watch Group 1's episodes:
Episode 5

Cafe 007 Group 1 includes the flooowing students: Delaney Boston, Scott Carmichael, Joseph Engle, Anisha Frelich, Destiny Johnson, Avery Lothamer, Elijah Muehlman, Taylor Raines, Gabriel Simon, Fia Smith, Brendan Spaeder, Melisa Usmonova.
*Group 2 is currently working on creating their episodes of Cafe 007 and Group 3 will begin work on their Cafe 007 starting in March. And still to come: the 8th grade recorded presentation of Crazy 8's Cabaret and later in the spring the 8th grade recorded production of Beauty and the Beast, as well as the 6th grade's recorded Foolish Fairy Tales!