The Midsummer Show Must Go On

This 50th Friday, we're celebrating the fact that the show must go on as we look back with great fondness on the many years of 5th grade/Middle School productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream. They have been set in many locations and time periods (the '50s, ancient Greece, under the sea, at the North Pole, in outer space, and so many more). We're not exactly sure how many there have been (we have photos going back to 1999 - check out a slideshow of cast photos here), but do know that Lydia Horan just directed this year's 5th grade in her 20th straight year of MSND. Not to be foiled by COVID, the 5th graders created digital versions of scenes from the play, choosing the settings, themes and characters they wanted to play in the various scenes, rehearsing in class and recording themselves at home using their Chromebook cameras. Then, fairies worked to use video technology to edit footage into nine different episodes. Here's one scene to enjoy - Titania and Oberon (in the Land of Puppies)! Got a favorite Midsummer memory to share? Who did you play? Where was yours set?