8th Graders Create Crazy 8's Cabaret

This fall the 8th grade theatre class (made up of 20 students) decided to split into two groups, working on two separate projects. One group created their own material called Crazy 8's Cabaret (films, monologues, poetry, and comedy skits), along with dancing with the other group in the Beauty and the Beast Jr. number "Be Our Guest." (The other half of the class worked on recording the Broadway Jr. version of Beauty and the Beast, which is still in the editing phase and will be released later in the spring.) Congrats to the Crazy 8's crew for their hard work and creativity in designing a virtual show! 

Check out their work by clicking on the episode links below:

Episode 1 - Films & Monologues
Episode 2 - Be our Guest
Episode 3 - Total Drama Island
Episode 4 - Beauty and the Brawn
Episode 5 - COVID Comedy
Episode 6 - Kevin's Chili
Episode 7 - Betty & Ernus
Episode 8 - COVID Game Show
The cast and creators of Crazy 8's Cabaret:  Marley Boston, Riley Butler, Tessa Darrin, Izzy Goodbar, Emma Peiffer, Rose Ryan-Berne, Kendall Tripp, William Van Der Werf, Esme Williams.