Tandem Lucky to have Co-Founder Here in Town

This 50th Friday, we're feeling thankful that Tandem co-founder John Howard and his wife Elizabeth, and Cynthia Alling, wife of late co-founder Duncan Alling, live in Charlottesville and remain active and supportive Tandem community members. What a gift to hear from them regularly that Tandem remains the school they set out to create, to have John come out and speak to our students about their vision for Tandem, as he has did most recently last year, or check in periodically with current Tandem leadership. This year, as part of our 50th celebration, John and current Head of School Whitney Thompson filmed a conversation they had, moderated by current Upper School Director Peter Gaines, called Tandem Past, Present and Future - use this link to watch it: https://bit.ly/3pCg4HT. It's a fascinating, funny, and sweet reflection on this school we love, and if you didn't have a chance to watch it back in October, put it in your video queue to enjoy.