Tandem Photo Archives - 1979-1987

This 50th Friday we are showcasing some great new photo finds, shared with us by beloved former math teacher Letty McDonald, who taught at Tandem from 1979 to 1987. We're grateful she took the time to scan and share these photos she took of her own classes and other Tandem activities during those years. Her pictures taught us things we never knew, including: Tandem used to play softball...Spring Day was held at Chris Greene Lake more than once...there used to be some sort of formal outdoors...and so much more. Thanks, Letty, who kindly shared that she is "grateful to all the students and colleagues who made encounters and friendships so meaningful and memorable to me in my life then and now - so many happy recollections of students, parents, faculty, and Beverly Johnson in the main office!" Check out some of Letty's photo gems - you can bet we will be sharing more of them in the weeks to come - and tell us a story if you were at Tandem during those years.