Class of 2021's Senior Projects Amaze and Inspire

In late March, the Class of 2021 presented their Senior Projects on campus in person, and via Zoom, so that friends and family members could share the story of each individual Senior Project journey. A major project has been required of every graduating senior at Tandem Friends since the school’s inception in 1970. The current major project components include a detailed journal, regular meetings with technical and faculty advisors, an oral presentation of results to the community, and a detailed written research paper/synopsis of the project. 

We were certainly amazed by the remarkable achievements of the Class of 2021 and the qualities of perseverance, resilience, and optimism reflected in their work. Here is a link to their varied and impressive topics, which ranged from astrophotography and KPop dancing to wabi sabi creamics and learning Russian. Congratulations to all of our seniors for their hard work and mastery, and to Senior Project leader Barbara Studholme and our faculty advisors for their dedication to this annual rite of passage that never fails to impress. Check out more photos of this year's Senior Project presentations here.