Senior Projects - Major Rite of Passage at Tandem

A major project has been required of every graduating senior at Tandem Friends since the school’s inception in 1970. This 50th Friday, we look back at Senior Projects and celebrate the Class of 2021's recent completion of this rite of passage. For many years, Senior Projects were basic research papers only. Faculty members decades ago recognized that many students learn best with their hands, voice, vision, spirit, or coordination - and the project as we know it today was born. The major components - a detailed journal, regular meetings with technical and faculty advisors, an oral presentation of results to the community, detailed written research/synopsis of the project - remain. Projects topics vary wildly - learning a foreign language, playing a musical instrument, building a canoe, earning a pilot's license, diver or EMT certification, training to run a marathon, learning to weld - with mastery of a passion the ultimate goal. Check out some projects over the years, then take a look at what this year's Class of 2021 mastered -! They amazed us with their results. What was your Senior Project topic? Do you still use what you learned?