7th Graders (Group 2) Share Winter Cafe 007

In drama this year, 7th graders in three different groups are putting together digital skits and videos for episodes of their own original material in Cafe 007. Group 2 recently shared their work in Winter Cafe 007 (Group 1 completed theirs in November). Group 2's material was created, filmed and edited in online classroom Meets, and individually at home, and then pieced together to form episodes. They created five episodes of Winter Cafe 007! Middle School drama teacher Lydia Horan works with her creative students to make it happen.

Group 2 Winter Cafe 007 writers and performers are: Sophie Alberts, Kendal Asplin, Ty Bias, Griffin Bullock, Eli Carter, Christiana Crisler, Kai Davies, Oscar Davies, Lola Glbraith, Hudson Lawrence, Jack Murphy and Owen Serton.

Click here to watch their episodes.