New Building Project on Campus

Tandem moved to its lovely current location back in 1972 after two years in a small house near Pantops. There were plenty of minor modifications required to convert the former house and grounds into a school. A decade later, a Middle School was added and the white Middle School Building was constructed. In 1995, an ambitious physical plant expansion was undertaken that included the Community Hall, the Gym/Field House, and the Math Science building. Since then, things have stayed pretty much the same, aside from some additional acreage donated to bring our campus area up to 30 acres. We’re delighted to be well on the way to completing a covered pavilion space - our first new building project on campus in twenty years! The pavilion will be located directly behind the Community Hall building, accessible to the quad. It will include 1700 square feet of open dining/assembly area in addition to bathrooms and a small storage area. As shown in the architect’s depiction, it will be open on three sides with large garage-style doors to allow flow between the cafe and the quad and to maintain access to the outdoors and the feeling of community. (If you’ve eaten lunch on the Tandem campus, you might recall crowding around a few outdoor tables, or having to make a run for it to a building lobby or the Senior Lounge on a rainy day.) We've had lots of big earth-moving equipment on campus, and the foundation should be poured soon. When the pavilion is not used for lunch, it will provide a much-needed large gathering space for a division, grade, or class, and serve as a staging space for events like the community picnic and Mother’s Day Music Festival. This year we have learned the importance of having large and open spaces; with physical distancing still an important COVID mitigation, we expect the pavilion to be used as a large classroom as well. Keep up with pavilion construction progress--link in our bio.  Anyone have campus construction stories or photos to share?