Tandem Welcomes New Athletic Director

Kim Dukes
We are delighted to announce the hiring of our new Athletic Director, Sarana Hyatt. Throughout every step of our process Sarana impressed members of our community with her commitment to sports and leadership, her focus on relationship building and supporting coaches, and her investment in developing students and building community. 
A Division I athlete herself, Sarana ran track at Sacred Heart University, and has coached at Columbia University, George Mason, La Salle, and then at Sidwell Friends where she was also a full-time staff member, managing their running programs and teaching physical education. 
Sarana holds both a BS and an MS in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Sacred Heart University. Fortunately for us, having recently completed a McLendon Fellowship within the University of Virginia athletic department, she has developed relationships with communities in the Charlottesville area and has many ties here. We are so happy that she will soon join us!