Students Talk to State Politicians on Conservation Lobby Day

Five Tandem Upper Schoolers (four sophomores and one junior - all members of the Tandem Earth group) spent February 1st participating in Conservation Lobby Day, something our Tandem Earth students have done for many years. The students are working in partnership with Virginia Conservation Network to talk (virtually) to their state senators and delegates about environmental bills that are currently circulating through the state house and senate. Some of the topics of the bills the students are lobbying for include: Clean Energy (solar-ready roofing), Wildlife Corridor protection, Greenhouse Gas Regulation, Environmental Literacy (education in schools about environmental issues), and protecting indigenous land in Virginia. They participated in four online meetings to lend their voices and insights, and when they weren't busy with these online meetings, they were working as a committee to plan Earth Day and other Tandem Earth plans for the year. Thank you to Emi M, Zoe J, Josie F, Mika L, Kaia C, and science teacher Casey for your passionate stewardship.