6th Graders Enjoy Visit from World Central Kitchen Volunteer

Back in March we shared that 6th grade students of Christina Davis and Janet Webster had been busy opening their minds and their hearts. While reading the book Refugee, they studied refugee stories and sponsored a collection drive of items needed by our local International Rescue Committee. While hearing about the refugee crisis brought on by Russia's attack on Ukraine, students decided to hold a bake sale to raise money ($353!) for the World Central Kitchen, an aid organization founded by chefs that had set up mobile kitchens at multiple locations where Ukraine refugees are arriving. During that exact time period, a Tandem staff member had a family member, Dan, who was in Poland volunteering for World Central Kitchen and sharing online posts and videos of the experience that were shared with the class. Some of his videos included tours of the facility they were building, footage of volunteers preparing food in giant pots (one of which could feed over 1000 people), or scenes of refugees arriving at the nearby train station. He was excited to know that 6th graders back in the US were holding a bake sale to support the group and they were fascinated to be following his efforts at the same time. Fast forward to this week - Dan was in town for a visit and came to speak to the 6th graders during Community Time to share about his powerful experience volunteering for a week with World Central Kitchen in Przemysl, Poland. He spoke sincerely about the difference one person can make and answered great questions from the students. It was a great completion to a story that went full circle.