5th Graders Studying Black History

In 5th grade English/Geo-History, we are weaving our study of Black history and Women's History Month together in a celebration of the accomplishments and contributions of Black activists, inventors, doctors, scientists, mathematicians, teachers, women, men, and youth. Students' mini-research projects focus on those, past and present, who have helped to advance the fight for equity and justice. Students have prepared for this history project with a 'lit-book speed dating' activity as they explored our classroom collection of Black history books.
Students are always invited to share their knowledge, experience, and interests related to our studies, and Zuri has done this so well over the last few weeks! She shared a video this week of a dance performance similar to the dance that she performed on the first National Juneteenth Day in 2021. Zuri was very generous, sharing her choreographed part, dancing to the music, Stand Up, written by Cynthia Erivo. Click here to watch the video. Thank you, Zuri!