Engineering Students Perform Final Flight Tests on Plane Designs

Alex Siragy's senior Engineering students just performed final testing of their self-created airplane designs (no kits used). Each had to house an egg and keep that egg intact while flying and landing. Design testing was based on length of time in the air (minimum of two seconds) and maximum weight. Propulsion methods varied from gliders to rubber band propulsion, and even one with a rocket engine. Final tests were performed on the quad and in front of the Main Building on a cold, windy day. Each plane was allowed up to three runs (if the design survived and the team could make adjustments quickly). The winning design was the one propelled by a rubber band and designed by seniors Aidan S and Theo A. It stayed aloft for over five seconds. The rocket-propelled plane had a couple of exciting trials but the plane did not get much air time. Check out some additional photos.