9th Graders Create TED Talks

9th graders working with Melissa Winder and Robert Schuster just completed and presented their TED Talks on 'what is the meaning of life?' Each student pondered the question and wrote about what they considered the meaning of life to be, then they took their scripts and turned them into well-produced videos. Along the way they got to visit local filmmaking hub Light House Studio, where they really put the finishing touches on their professional-looking talks. They presented their finished videos to classmates and teachers and every video left the audience cheering. What do 9th graders think the meaning of life is? Some of their thoughts included: love, human connection, music, helping others, growth after failure, enjoying your time on this Earth, building a legacy, living life to its fullest, searching out new experiences, holding yourself with confidence, finding happiness, being around good people, accomplishment, bringing happiness to other, personal happiness, cooking and eating, exercising, building a road to success, the friendships you have along the way, stewardship of the Earth, trying to find happiness, meeting new people, daydreaming, roller derby - and more. There's some great advice in there!