Once you've been a part of the Tandem Friends community, you are always a part of the Tandem Friends community. Our alums are vital to the life of the school, and they feel welcome to return and reconnect. Alums show up for school events, plays, graduation, meeting for worship, and more. Alums frequently stop in for a chat with a favorite teacher. Some come back to coach Tandem Friends School teams. Many alums have returned as parents of Tandem Friends students, adding another generation to this connected community.

Tandem 'John Howard Era' Reunion

Friday, May 12 from 7 to 10pm in the Blue Room

Great food, drinks, music,
and 'the man' himself!

We're hoping to gather as many as we can from the earlier years of Tandem ("the John Howard/Duncan Alling era") to get together and reconnect. You don't have to have graduated in those years. If you came to Tandem any time during that period, this reunion is for you.

For those who are not able to make it to Charlottesville, we plan to Live Stream from the event so you can connect. We'd also love to have folks who cannot be there in person send updates to share with the rest of the group. Johnny Howard plans on joining us. We'll have live music from Doug Day '73 and Gayla Smith Mills, '78. Beer, wine and refreshments provided by Tandem. The event will be held in the Blue Room.

Graciously hosted by Margaret McNett Burruss!

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