Tandem Friends School's unique and dynamic film program continues to grow and to produce award-winning films. Digital film classes begin in the digital film lab, complete with state-of-the-art iMac computers and software such as iStopMotion, Final Cut Pro and iMovie. The classes may start in the lab, but filmmaking takes place all over the campus, limited only by imagination.

Middle Schoolers begin learning to use iStop Motion, and in 7th grade, they create claymation films as well as narrative films of different genres. 8th graders learn the art of digital filmmaking by creating a film entry for the International Bridge Film Festival, a Quaker film festival. Films are either public service announcements or longer films that highlight the importance of a Quaker value or testimony. An active Middle School Film Club meets after school one afternoon a week.

In Upper School Digital Filmmaking, students use a wide variety of techniques to explore and question the role of digital technology in our world. Students are immersed in all aspects of pre production, production, and post production. Utilizing our new Mac Lab, students learn how to create storyboards, become proficient with the camera, explore different lighting techniques, and edit on both iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Students script, shoot, edit, and produce their own films in digital film class. Students are encouraged to work on both individual and group projects in the service of developing a strong sense of confidence and a commitment to the world community. Each student is required to make a short film to enter into the International Bridge Film Festival.

Upper and Middle School students who enter films in the Bridge Film Festival competition have won top prizes in the Festival over the years. In May, Tandem Friends hosts an annual screening of Bridge Film Festival films by Quaker schools from all over the world.  Alumni of the Tandem Friends film program have had films accepted to and won awards at many prestigious film festivals across the country.