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Speaker's Series

Each week during Community Time (a forty minute block of time after lunch), students and faculty gather to listen to someone speak about an issue, cause, or educational experience or enjoy a performance or Open Mic.

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  • Alumni Return to Give Advice and Wisdom

    In the January 10 Speaker Series, eight recent alums came to share their wisdom about college with our juniors and seniors. They spoke eloquently about how and why they chose their schools, and gave great advice about how to settle in and find friends, and how to organize your time. They answered many student and faculty questions about what worked for them at Tandem and what's working for them in college. We love this annual event as it brings back beloved alums to share their insights and advice about their college selection process and college life. They always provide authentic and heartfelt input. Many thanks to Zeke Weiss (TFS '18, Guilford College), Elie Bashkow (TFS '18, UVA after gap year), Eli Ratzlaff (TFS '16, UVA), Emma Johnson (TFS '19, Kenyon College), Tori Carter-Johnston (TFS '18, Howard University), Kate Dean McKinney (TFS '17, William & Mary), Latrell Winkey (TFS '18, VCU), and Fisher Brodie (TFS '18, Alfred University after gap year) for sharing their time today. This annual Speaker Series is always a favorite.
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  • Lorena Tabrane, Outreach Co-Chair of Dreamers on Grounds (UVA), Speaks to Students

    Lorena Tabrane, Community Outreach Co-Chair of Dreamers on Grounds (UVA) was the presenter for the December 6 Speaker Series. She talked about Undocu(Ally) Training, whose mission is to create a more inclusive environement and safe space for undocumeted students through education and advocacy. She discussed the challenges faced by undocumented students brought to the USA as children. Lorena is a 3rd year student at UVA studying Identity Politics & Legal Theory. She was assisted by UVA 4th year student Johanna Moncada-Sosa, a Foreign Affairs and Political & Social Thought major who also serves as Vice President of Dreamers on Grounds. Tandem students were very engaged during their presentation and asked great questions.
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  • Alum Levi Schult (TFS '17) Talks about Pulsars

    The November 15 Speaker Series brought another familiar face to campus - alum Levi Schult (TFS '17) returned to engage the community with tales of his work with pulsar technology in India last summer. Levi, a physics major and junior at UVA, spent the summer working and travelling in India. He talked about the study of pulsars and their gravitational waves. Levi noted that by studying these radio waves that send out regular pulses, scientists can gain a better understanding of gravity and Einstein's theories. 
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  • Movies that Matter - Clarence Green Talks about 'New' Film Club

    Middle Schoolers spent the September 13 Speaker Series with filmmaker and Tandem Film Club co-facilitator Clarence Green (Lydia Horan is the co-facilitator). He spoke about this year's new iteration of Film Club called "Movies that Matter,"  for both Upper School and Middle School students who are interested in making films that start conversations and call people to action about ideas and issues that matter. Students can create narrative and documentary films that have a message about social justice issues, stewardship, peace, community, and more. If they have a complaint or gripe about our local or global world and want to make a difference with their voice, they can do so while learning and practicing the art of digital filmmaking.

    Clarence has co-facilitated Film Club here for at least four years, and has also taught upper school digital filmmaking at TFS. He runs his own digital film company called Underground Shorts.
    Additionally, a couple of MS students talked about Tandem Earth Club and Debate Club. All three clubs - Movies the Matter, Tandem Earth and Debate - are about starting conversations around issues that matter to students, and learning how to present your views to further conversations and take action. 
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  • Ultramarathoner Sophie Speidel Speaks about Determination

    Our October 4 Speaker Series brought a visit from ultra-runner Sophie Speidel, who returned to the 100-mile ultra distance at age 56 after not running 100 miles for 12 years. The theme of her talk was facing fears through a focused plan and not giving up - no matter what. Here's a great profile of Sophie, who inspired students with her determination.
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