50th Anniversary


50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend  October 9-11, 2020

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  • Special Places on Campus: The Blue Room

    Another favorite space on the Tandem Friends campus is the Blue Room, named for the color it was originally painted when it was added on in the 1960s, a period of great renovation and change for the property. With its tall windows and French doors opening out to the boxwoods, it must have been a lovely family room. As Tandem's original multi-purpose room, the Blue Room has held morning meetings, theatre productions, and concerts; served as a classroom; hosted events like Speaker Series, Senior Project presentations, PTA parties, class meetings, 8th grade dinner/dances, and even a 5th grade campout that got rained out; showcased student artwork on its walls; provided a quiet study space and the occasional winter warmup by the fire, and so much more. The PTA completely renovated the Blue Room in 2006-2007, returning it to its original color and glory. 
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  • Special Places on Campus : The Soldier Room

    The Tandem Friends campus abounds with places that hold special meaning to community members - whether it's the quad out back or a favored classroom. In the early years, classes were held in the large main building on campus, a former family home, and one such favorite space was an upstairs classroom called the Soldier Room because of its very dated wallpaper covered with illustrations of soldiers. At one time, it served as French teacher Joan Barnett's room, as well as other classes over the years. It's now an administrative office but it's a popular alumni stop during visits, and if you peek behind the radiator under the window, you can still see a piece of that soldier wallpaper clinging to the wall, preserving memories.
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  • Tandem Sports Program Through the Years

    Tandem sports began with an outdoor asphalt basketball court and one 'field', loads of optimism and determination, and a commitment to a no-cut sports policy. Field hockey played where the current parking lot is located. In the mid-1990s, the gym, field house and a larger field were added (our outdoor fields are now the envy of many a team). We have cheered on our teams (including wrestlers in the Community Hall) as the Trees, the Badgers, and the Quakers over the years. Our scholar athletes are selected regularly for all-conference and all-state honors, and our teams are frequent conference champions; our varsity girls' soccer team won the state championship for three years in a row (2010-2012). We've come a long way in 50 years! 
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  • Service a Key Component of Tandem Education

    Service to the community has been a cornerstone of education at Tandem since its founding in 1970. Tandem Friends students are encouraged to let their lives speak through their personal actions and to take responsibility for creating change. We encourage you to be involved in your community and to take action on the issues that matter to you. 
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  • Tandem Students Create Change

    For 50 years, Tandem has encouraged students to use their voices to create change.
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