50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

We are excited to be celebrating Tandem's 50th Anniversary throughout the 2020-2021 school year.  We began our celebration over the weekend of October 9-11, 2020.  Obviously, our original plans for the weekend changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  While we could not host a large, on-campus gathering this fall we enjoyed a fun lineup of virtual activities allowing community members to participate no matter your location!  We have also decided to extend our celebration all year long and will shift between virtual and in-person gatherings as conditions allow.
We continued to celebrate Tandem's 50th Anniversary this spring with some great events.

Mother's Day Music Festival was held on Saturday, May 8

Mother's Day Music Festival, a student-organized event, is a great Tandem tradition! Watch the video of this year's event: https://vimeo.com/554902360

Life of a Writer was held online on April 24

Missed this event?  Watch Recording Now

While there may always be debate about which Tandem tradition is the greatest, there is one topic on which the Tandem community can agree - Tandem teaches students how to use their voices and explore their passions. From 5th grade mastery projects and Sophomore Seminars to creative writing assignments and our culminating Senior Projects, Tandem graduates know how to express themselves, especially in writing. Tandem students learn how to turn a phrase to make themselves heard - eloquently, honestly, and powerfully. 

This panel discussion features professional alumni writers Nathalie Heyward, TFS ‘76 (pen name Nin Andrews); Rebecca Morgan Frank, TFS ‘87; Meredith Cole, TFS ‘88; and current parent and children’s book author Marc Boston. Our panelists will discuss their beginnings as writers, their inspirations and challenges, as well as tell us about their current projects. Moderated by Peter Gaines, Tandem Friends Upper School Director and poet.
50th Anniversary Event Recordings

We have posted links to recordings of many of the events during our 50th Anniversary below.  

Reflections On a Shared History:  A panel discussion on the desegregation of Virginia schools, featuring panelists Amy Tillerson-Brown, Loran Wharton, Geoff Carter, Ansley Erickson, and Gordon Fields. Moderated by Laura Allen Douglas on March 11, 2021.

Here's a great WINA radio interview about our 50th celebration with Head of School Whitney Thompson - give a listen here.

Tandem Past, Present and Future:  A conversation with Tandem founder John Howard and current Head of School Whitney Thompson.  Moderated by Upper School Director Peter Gaines.

A 50th Anniversary Message from Former Head of School Rosalyn Berne

Alumni Recorded Video Concert

Let Your Life Speak A panel discussion with alums Alison Hormel Webb '74, Eleanor Bedford '86, Mark Slezak '96, Hannah Firdyiwek '08, and Ti Ames '13 about activism in action and lived values moderated by Tandem's former Director of Spiritual Life and past parent, Janet Hatfield Legro.