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About Tandem Friends School

The Best Learning Happens in Tandem.

What happens when young people are given the chance to truly explore their imaginations, express their inner light, contribute to their community, and collaborate in their education? 

They become their boldest selves — and they grow, together, into engaged, inspired and purposeful change-makers. 

Since 1970, Tandem Friends School has been the place for these daring doers: the big dreamers who embrace the beauty and power of ideas and self-expression; the purposeful learners who have an unabashed enthusiasm for discovering knowledge; the independent thinkers who care about the world and want to change it for the better.
Here, students in grades 5-12 benefit from a progressive, purpose-based approach to education, as they build a lifelong respect for learning on a foundation of:

  • Freedom with Responsibility: TFS students are trusted as active partners in their education, embracing the joys of exploration, inventive learning, and risk taking, while always weighing the consequences of their actions. 
  • Kindness & Wisdom: Our academic program not only emphasizes individual thought, expression, and curiosity, but also shared intention and service to others — resulting in engaged and self-assured graduates who embrace their unique gifts while cultivating community.
  • Creativity & Integrity: By prioritizing both academic and creative pursuits, TFS helps students let their lives speak while challenging them to take initiative in their own growth and development. 
When students learn and share in a community that recognizes their unique voices, values both creative and academic challenge, and acts for peace and justice, it’s no surprise that tomorrow’s leaders grow in Tandem. 

Ready to join them? Experience the Tandem difference.

Meet Our Head of School

    • Head of School, Whitney Thompson

Whitney Thompson became Head of School at Tandem Friends in July of 2017 after 20 years at Brooklyn Friends School as a teacher and administrator. Whitney has a BA in African American Studies from Oberlin College and an MA in Adolescent Education from Bank Street College of Education.