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Application Process

Ready to find your place at Tandem Friends School? TFS is where students in grades 5-12:
  • Become active partners in their education 
  • Develop critical creative and intellectual skills
  • Explore their unique potential in the creative arts, athletics, and student leadership 
  • Enjoy an intentional balance between learning and living
  • Improve our community through service learning and social justice initiatives 
Our Admissions Team is happy to introduce you to the benefits of a Friends education and to welcome you for a visit to our lively, pastoral campus. If you have questions about the application process, contact Admissions Director Mary Lyman Bias at (434) 951-9314.
Under current COVID-19 conditions, all admissions activities have moved online. This means the application process outlined below may be adjusted.
Tandem Friends School Application Process
  1. Attend an Admissions Information Session or schedule a Parent Tour.
  2. Complete the Online Application (paper form available if required) with $50 application fee.
  3. Use the Checklist in the Admissions Portal to keep track of to-dos and ensure all paperwork has been correctly submitted. Paperwork will include transcripts and recommendation forms.
  4. Schedule a Student Visit:
    1. Prospective students will spend a day in classes with current students.
    2. Prospective students will complete admissions assessments for reading, writing and math. 
    3. Parent Interview (can be scheduled separately if necessary).
The Admissions Team reviews applications when all steps are completed. Additional materials may be requested. 

We look forward to helping your child grow in Tandem. 

Contact the Admissions Director to learn more about how you can become part of the Tandem Friends community for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Mary Lyman-Bias
Admissions Director
(434) 951-9314