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Middle School

Tandem Middle School: Where Young Students Become Enthusiastic Learners

Tandem Friends helps Middle School students become confident, independent learners and leaders who develop a lifelong love and enthusiasm for discovering knowledge.

Middle School is a distinctive time in a student’s life and Tandem Friends educators understand how to inspire, challenge, and trust young students as they learn and grow. 

Here, students develop their academic, social, and emotional maturity as they learn to take ownership of their learning, accept personal responsibility, and achieve their true potential.
The Middle School curriculum focuses on grasping concepts, not just using formulas, and developing deep understanding through commitment and creativity. 
  • The humanities push students to develop and refine their writing skills, express themselves, and understand other people within the context of their cultural experiences.
  • The math program helps students build a conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas through hands-on activities as well as connections to the real world with the goal of ensuring that students are both challenged and supported based on their skill levels. 
  • The science curriculum encourages hands-on exploration, interdisciplinary work linking science to humanities, and projects that connect students to real-life issues.
  • World language - which includes instruction in both Spanish and Latin in 5th and 6th grades, either Spanish or Latin in 7th and 8th grade, and the option of French in 9th grade - gives students a strong start in language development and cultural understanding.
  • Exploring the creative arts helps students discover their own talents and preferences while appreciating the distinctive artistic styles of their peers. 
  • Physical education emphasizes fitness, good sportsmanship, nutrition, and healthy life choices. 
  • Through weekly advisory meetings and Meeting for Worship, students deepen their understanding of Quaker traditions and values.
  • Stewardship - beginning with student upkeep of our buildings and grounds, and intentional caring for our own school community - is one of our school’s finest traditions.
Ready for your Middle School student to grow in Tandem? 

Meet our Middle School Director

    • Middle School Director, Tandem Friends Current Parent

Paul Cronin became Middle School Director at Tandem Friends in July of 2023 after almost ten years in school leadership at Headwaters School in Austin, Texas. Prior to that, Paul worked in independent schools, including Montessori schools and International Baccalaureate schools, both inside and outside the U.S.  Paul has a BA in English and Religion from George Washington University and an MA in Religion from University of Colorado.
If you have questions about the Tandem Friends Middle School, please contact Paul Cronin by email or by phone at (434) 951-9220.