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Drama has been an essential thread in the tapestry of Tandem Friends life. The drama program addresses the needs of both our Upper School and Middle School students. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all students to explore their own self-expression, to develop theater skills, and to be dazzled by the magic of the stage.

The school puts on many drama productions per year, so the theatre space is a busy one. Middle School plays are rehearsed during the school day for the most part, while Upper School drama productions are an extracurricular activity.

Students, faculty, and the local community celebrate the art of the theater by attending our plays, being a lively, playful audience, applauding loudly, and by being moved and inspired by each cast and crew. Local theatre artists (choreographers, designers, musicians, vocal coaches) are often brought in to enhance the drama production experience.

Middle School Drama

In Middle School, drama is an integral part of the daily academic curriculum. In our unique arts program, Tandem Friends School honors and supports the cultivation of students’ growth and learning through the practice, problem solving, and artistry of theatre.

In the 5th grade, the class takes a trimester of drama that culminates in an evening performance for family and friends. 6th graders put on a Broadway Jr. musical at the end of their semester-long class. 7th graders take one trimester of drama, during which they brainstorm, create, rehearse and perform their original material as Cafe 007 (skits, monologues, poetry, etc.). 8th graders choose between theatre, 8th grade band and visual art each semester. The 8th grade theatre class puts on a show. 

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  • Recent Middle School Productions

    Zombie Prom
    Oklahoma, Jr.
    Video Scenes from Beauty and the Beast
    Video Skits - Crazy 8's
    The Lion King, Jr.
    The Wizard of Oz, Jr.
    Video Original Fairy Tales
    Willy Wonka, Jr.
    (radio play episodes)
    Alice in Wonderland
    Video scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream
    A Midsummer Night's Dream Under the Sea
    Cafe 007
    Cruise 007 (podcast and video episodes)

Upper School Drama

Upper School drama consists of various semester-long drama electives such as improvisation or acting combined with two mainstage productions per year.

Upper School students audition for drama productions, which are offered as extracurricular activities. Rehearsals take place after school. In a typical year, the Upper School puts on a musical and a comedic or dramatic play. A one act play production sometimes brings in directors from the outside community, exposing actors to a wider variety of teaching and directing methods.

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  • Recent Upper School Productions

    The Addams Family
    (cancelled but planned for fall 2020)
    My Fair Lady
    The Tempest
    Our Town
    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
    26 Pebbles
    One-Act Play Festivals - a series of one act plays, performed annually