• 7th Graders (Group 2) Share Winter Cafe 007

    In drama this year, 7th graders in three different groups are putting together digital skits and videos for episodes of their own original material in Cafe 007. Group 2 recently shared their work in Winter Cafe 007 (Group 1 completed theirs in November). Group 2's material was created, filmed and edited in online classroom Meets, and individually at home, and then pieced together to form episodes. They created five episodes of Winter Cafe 007! Middle School drama teacher Lydia Horan works with her creative students to make it happen.

    Group 2 Winter Cafe 007 writers and performers are: Sophie Alberts, Kendal Asplin, Ty Bias, Griffin Bullock, Eli Carter, Christiana Crisler, Kai Davies, Oscar Davies, Lola Glbraith, Hudson Lawrence, Jack Murphy and Owen Serton.

    Click here to watch their episodes.
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  • Journey North map post!

    5th Scientist's Make Journey North Site, and Other Science Acheivements

    Last fall, our 5th graders studied tulips through the Journey North Project, planting bulbs according to the Journey North parameters for their Northern Hemisphere experiment. They dissected and labeled bulbs, each student designed a planting experiment in which they changed only one constant, then they planted their experiment bulbs under the maple tree on the quad!

    The tulips they planted last fall are coming up and results being documented. Journey North has now updated their tulip map to include our 5th graders' post (see screenshot photo)! You can find their post (test your map skills to find our pinpoint) at: Each 5th grader has also written twice to a "Tulip Pal," a student from another school that is participating in the Journey North tulip study, in a joint English-Geography-Science-Math project! 
    5th graders continue to plant seeds for the dry pond project. Some teams worked to plant seeds in pots and trays while another set up seeds for cold, moist stratification. 5th graders are also putting their final touches on, and naming, their 2D average 5th grader. It's been a busy, science-filled spring. Check out the photos of all of these projects!
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  • 6th Grade Mathematicians Create 2D Average Student while Civics Students Study Current Legislation

    6th grade mathematicians are working on their 2D average 6th grader, learning to take average measurements to the thousandth of a meter! They have been working in pairs to share potential measurement strategies.
    6th grade Civics students presented their different strategies to inform constituents in the 5th District of Virginia about current legislation they want to see passed! Lucy created a "Lucy-sized" poster complete with loads of information, a letter to Representative Bob Good, a petition, and a small 3D (paper) shark fin that everyone should look for on campus after Spring Break! Robert created an impressive video news spotlight (in front of the Lincoln Memorial?), promoting H.R. 848: GREEN Act of 2021. These 6th graders are becoming active, passionate citizens!
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  • 7th grade champions Avery & Sophie A.

    Vocabulary Final Four Championships in 7th/8th Grades

    7th and 8th grade English teacher Carolyn Warhaftig livened up vocabulary study this spring by running a March Madness kind of vocab competition. Students in all classes volunteered to enter the tournament (about 10 students per class in both 7th and 8th grades entered). The game they played is similar to "Heads Up" - a  vocabulary word from the class list is shown and one partner on a team has to define it and get the other partner to guess it. The most correct words in a minute wins. Teams played about 3 rounds to get to the Final Four, with the championship rounds held on April 1. Assistance from class timekeepers (Sydni, Cullen, Destiny, Kendal A), scorekeepers (Marley, Orro, Taylor, Lola), and facilitators (Riley, Rose, Eli M, Joseph) kept the championship round moving smoothly. The Final Four pairings were as follows:

    Grade 7 Final Four:
    Mya + Scott vs. Sophie A + Avery
    Fia + Ty vs. Griffin + Jack
    Grade 8 Final Four:
    Izzy + Max vs. Maggie + Chloe
    Kendall + Murray vs. Linwood + Gabe

    After a lively couple of rounds, the champion teams for each grade were declared - 7th grade champs were Sophie A. and Avery; 8th grade champs were Maggie and Chloe. Congratulations, word wizards!
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  • The Death of Julius Peepsar

    'Peeping' into History Once More

    Tandem's 9th and 10th grade history students accepted the annual creative challenge by teacher Melissa Winder to create a diorama depicting a famous historical event using marshmallow Peeps, an Easter candy favorite. Some students even work the name Peeps into the titles of their creative works. This is the fifth annual 'Peeping into History' project - we always look forward to these colorful and fun history tableaux. Check some out!
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  • Class of 2021's Senior Projects Amaze and Inspire

    In late March, the Class of 2021 presented their Senior Projects on campus in person, and via Zoom, so that friends and family members could share the story of each individual Senior Project journey. A major project has been required of every graduating senior at Tandem Friends since the school’s inception in 1970. The current major project components include a detailed journal, regular meetings with technical and faculty advisors, an oral presentation of results to the community, and a detailed written research paper/synopsis of the project. 

    We were certainly amazed by the remarkable achievements of the Class of 2021 and the qualities of perseverance, resilience, and optimism reflected in their work. Here is a link to their varied and impressive topics, which ranged from astrophotography and KPop dancing to wabi sabi creamics and learning Russian. Congratulations to all of our seniors for their hard work and mastery, and to Senior Project leader Barbara Studholme and our faculty advisors for their dedication to this annual rite of passage that never fails to impress. Check out more photos of this year's Senior Project presentations here.
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  • 9th Grade Bubble Project Fun and Science-Based

    During one of their on-campus Friday sessions together, 9th graders enjoyed a fun project on a spring-like day that was both science-related and promoted team building. Working in small groups or pairs, students were given a soapy bubble solution, then had to create bubble 'wands' out of straws. Why bubbles? Science teachers Jocelyn and Alex used the project as an intro to cell membranes because bubbles are excellent models of membranes as they behave in many similar ways. The team-building aspect came in challenges to make the bubbles produced do different things, like: create the biggest free-floating bubble, cut a bubble in half without popping it, or push your finger through the bubble and back out without popping it. Check out some fun photos of this hands-on activity.
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  • Students Seek Answer to the Age-Old Question "What is Love?"

    This semester, our 9th and 10th graders are tackling the biggest of all questions: "What is the meaning of life?" This theme weaves through their Integrated Science, World History and World Literature classes as they examine the meanings of life, love and death through all three lenses. They just finished the “What is life?” unit. In science class, they explored the characteristics of life, investigated the connection between form and function, and unpacked the molecules of food and cellular respiration. In English they explored expressions of life, liveliness, livelihood, and what it means to "truly live", through poetry, fiction, and short stories. History class focused on the quest for power (empires!) as the driving force behind our understanding of life, love and death. 

    Now they seek to answer the "What is love?" component of the question. Science class will focus on the neurobiology behind emotions, hormones, neurotransmitters, how memories are made, emotion/memory connection, cell transportation, and more. (One project will be to create a dating profile of a hormone to determine who it attracts.) In English, they are reading the short story collection Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri and a selection of love poetry from ancient times to modernity, including works from Jalal ad-Din Rumi, Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, Margaret Atwood, Sappho, William Shakespeare, and John Donne. History classes will continue their study of empires and the pursuit of power, and students will write love letters between two historical figures (with entertaining pairings - think Genghis Khan and pretty much anyone).

    The semester will conclude with a look at the death component of the eternal question "What is the meaning of life?" Whew! Big ideas...we can't wait to hear their answers.
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  • 5th Graders Continue Dry Pond Work

    This week, 5th graders began marking out the regions of the dry pond for each planting design team, but there were some boundary disputes. Thankfully, Henry Adam's plan for the distribution of team areas passed with a unanimous round of 'Yeas"!. All of this is part of the 5th grade's newest science project to determine, grow and plant the dry pond located to the right of our entrance with native plants. (Dry ponds, also called 'dry extended detention basins', are stormwater control ponds used to capture storm runoff and contain it temporarily.) Our 5th graders have tested the soil for water retention and texture. They have also determined the amount of sunlight different areas receive, and verified the size of the dry pond, then each team will develop a planting design for their area of the dry pond. They recently planted in the dry pond for the first time - 50 liatris corms (perennials also known as blazing stars) so far with more going in after the rains. Excitement continues about this project that teaches, improves a natural area, and helps control stormwater.
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  • Photo by Rebekah Musser

    8th Grade Theatre Lab Students Enjoy Second Guest Artist

    This week, Lydia Horan's 8th Grade Theatre Lab students were visited virtually by Demetia Hopkins, professional actress and dancer, the second presenter in their guest artists lineup. Demetia is a performing artist and dance educator based in New York City and Central Virginia. She made her Broadway debut in the 2019 revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma. One of Dance Magazine's 'Top 25 to Watch,' and cited one of '26 Black Female Choreographers and Dancers You Should Know,' Hopkins shared her training and performance background and stories with the students, talking about motivation, passion, inspiration, and life as a touring dancer and Broadway show member in NYC. Students asked great questions such as: Can you describe a typical evening getting ready for a show? What's the craziest thing that's happened backstage? Do you get stage fright and how do you deal with it? What's the hardest thing you've had to deal with? Demetia answered with honesty, grace and a real passion for performing and teaching. The students loved getting to watch video of some of Demetia's performances as well.

    Demetia's early dance training was from nearby Orange School of Performing Arts (OSPA) under the direction of her uncle, Ricardo Porter. (She also took Musical Theatre classes from and appeared in shows directed by our own Lydia Horan, who taught at OSPA for many years.) She graduated with honors from the Ailey/Fordham University BFA program in 2009 while a member of the Ailey II company. In 2010, she joined the renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, spending a six-year tenure touring and performing pieces by prestigious world choreographers, including Alvin Ailey's signature solo piece, Cry. Other credits include the film Hal King and the opening number for the Save Birdland concert in NYC. She was a member of Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel and has performed with the Francesca Harper Project, Project-Inc., Mimi Garrard and Dianne McIntyre. She is proud to be the Co-Artistic Director at Orange School of Performing Arts.
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  • Valentine's Day Tradition Continues during COVID

    Valentine's Day at Tandem Friends has always been full of creative and wacky ways to celebrate, led by seniors. Dressed in Valentine's Day finery, these Cupids annually raise money for class activities by delivering ordered valentines, candy, flowers, dances and even musical serenades to community members. The fun usually begins at Morning Meeting with a few very public deliveries and continues through the day. This year, our seniors did not let COVID or our Mid-Winter Break stop the annual tradition. They delivered serenades virtually during online classes one day and picked two Thursdays later in the month to deliver candygrams and flowers ordered by students, parents and faculty. We so admire the spirit, creative thinking and tenacity that went into rethinking another Tandem tradition. Thanks and congratulations to Sophie Farr, Leah Gunnoe and the rest of the Class of 2021 for organizing and orchestrating the Valentine's Day fun.
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  • 8th Graders Create Crazy 8's Cabaret

    This fall the 8th grade theatre class (made up of 20 students) decided to split into two groups, working on two separate projects. One group created their own material called Crazy 8's Cabaret (films, monologues, poetry, and comedy skits), along with dancing with the other group in the Beauty and the Beast Jr. number "Be Our Guest." (The other half of the class worked on recording the Broadway Jr. version of Beauty and the Beast, which is still in the editing phase and will be released later in the spring.) Congrats to the Crazy 8's crew for their hard work and creativity in designing a virtual show! 

    Check out their work by clicking on the episode links below:

    Episode 1 - Films & Monologues
    Episode 2 - Be our Guest
    Episode 3 - Total Drama Island
    Episode 4 - Beauty and the Brawn
    Episode 5 - COVID Comedy
    Episode 6 - Kevin's Chili
    Episode 7 - Betty & Ernus
    Episode 8 - COVID Game Show
    The cast and creators of Crazy 8's Cabaret:  Marley Boston, Riley Butler, Tessa Darrin, Izzy Goodbar, Emma Peiffer, Rose Ryan-Berne, Kendall Tripp, William Van Der Werf, Esme Williams.
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  • Sonya Hayden shares with Theatre Lab students

    8th Grade Theatre Lab Students Enjoy Guest Artists

    As part of their classes this semester, students in Lydia Horan's 8th grade Theatre Lab will be joined by special guest artists who are working in the performing arts and will talk about their work, their path, and their inspirations. This week, they enjoyed their first special virtual guest artist, once a Tandem Middle Schooler herself. Sonya Hayden, who attended Middle School at Tandem as a member of the Class of 2011 (she played Queen Agravain in the 8th grade production of Once Upon a Mattress), joined the class virtually from NYC to talk about her work as a composer, playwright, and lyricist. 

    Sonya talked about her college experience composing music and working on every aspect of theatre. She answered questions about mentors and inspiration (you can bet Lydia was on that list as a major influence), and then explained how she decided to focus on being a composer, lyricist and playwright. She shared a recent project created as part of the BMI Lehman Engel Advanced Musical Theatre Workshop; paired with a composer, she had to write musical numbers for a show based on a film or book. They chose Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries, then created three songs, with Sonya as lyricist. At the project's end, they filmed their songs being performed. Sonia shared that project video with the class - click here to enjoy her Princess Diaries numbers - which our students really enjoyed. What a gift for a former Tandem theatre student to return and share her thoughts, experiences and advice!

    Sonya's work has appeared at local and international venues and she is a member of the BMI Advanced Musical Theatre Workshop, the Dramatists Guild, and ASCAP and is being mentored by Broadway Music  Director Mary-Mitchell Campbell in Maestra’s mentorship program. She was previously a member of The Workshop Theatre’s selective writers’ intensive, the Princeton University Triangle Club Writers Workshop, for which she contributed music and lyrics for three full-length musicals, and Traverse Theatre Young Writers in Scotland. Sonya has an MSc in Playwriting from the University of Edinburgh and an A.B. in Music (Theatre minor) from Princeton University.

    Thanks to Sonya for sharing her time and talents. Once a Tandemite, always a Tandemite! The next guest artist will be Demetia Hopkins, professional actress (recently in the Broadway revival of Oklahoma) and dancer (former member of Alvin Ailey company).
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  • Three Upper Schoolers 'Attending' 2021 Quaker Youth Leadership Conference

    Three Upper Schoolers - Sophie Farr, Caroline Baylin and Lilly Chinn - are representing Tandem at this year's all-virtual Quaker Youth Leadership Conference (held February 4-6), which connects students from Quaker schools all over the world. Jason Farr is their teacher 'chaperone'. We will be eager to hear what they gain from this year's conference, whose theme is Staying Proximate, Staying Progressive, Staying Positive. QYLC participants bond through workshops, discussions, service, meeting for worship, and other group activitites.
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  • 7th Graders and Cafe 007 Never Disappoint

    In drama this year, 7th graders are putting together digital skits and videos for episodes of their own original material in Cafe 007. Group 1 completed their drama class in November. Material was created, filmed and edited in online classroom Meets, and individually at home, and then pieced together to form episodes. They created five episodes of Cafe 007! Middle School drama teacher Lydia Horan has enjoyed the creativity and perseverance of these young writers/performers/filmmakers! Click on the links below to watch Group 1's episodes:
    Episode 5

    Cafe 007 Group 1 includes the flooowing students: Delaney Boston, Scott Carmichael, Joseph Engle, Anisha Frelich, Destiny Johnson, Avery Lothamer, Elijah Muehlman, Taylor Raines, Gabriel Simon, Fia Smith, Brendan Spaeder, Melisa Usmonova.
    *Group 2 is currently working on creating their episodes of Cafe 007 and Group 3 will begin work on their Cafe 007 starting in March. And still to come: the 8th grade recorded presentation of Crazy 8's Cabaret and later in the spring the 8th grade recorded production of Beauty and the Beast, as well as the 6th grade's recorded Foolish Fairy Tales! 
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  • 5th Grade Production of A Midsummer Night's Dream Takes New Format during COVID

    "This year," says Middle School Drama teacher Lydia Horan, "TFS 5th graders created digital versions of scenes from Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. The students chose the settings, themes and characters they wanted to play in the various scenes. They rehearsed in class and recorded themselves at home using their Chromebook cameras. Some scenes are repeated with different themes and different actors playing the roles. The Cast:  Henry Adams, Journey Boston, Nate Brown, Claire Dodson, Alexander Edwards, Miles Gosse, Henry Lawrence, Maude Leback, Tamittica Paulovich, Brendan Shiraishi, Vivi Tuerk, and Finn Walden. Congratulations to the 5th grade for their persistence, creativity, self-motivation and hard work in performing Shakespeare remotely, and using technology to bring scenes and characters from Midsummer to life!"
    Use the links below to access the video scenes on the portal - or, from within the parent portal, click on News, then Featured Content - and enjoy watching these delightful and impressive scenes.
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  • 5th Graders Study Mold in Bread Experiments

    5th graders are studying mold in a cool bread experiment. The moldy bread in the photo shows one student's second mold experiment (along with findings on how to overlay a grid to scale). Aside from one slice of bread, no other slices of their "Texas Toast"  have grown mold. 5th graders have determined that the cold may limit the growth, but preservatives in the bread play a bigger role in limiting mold growth on bread rubbed around a bathroom, on a computer keyboard or on the floor. Every student set up the same conditions for day-old bakery bread. While this bread has grown plenty of mold, everyone still feels more comfortable eating bread with fewer preservatives right now.

    Update: Our intrepid 5th grade scientists continued with their mold study for another week. While only one piece of Texas Toast has grown mold over the last three weeks (preservatives!), their cheese bread began to seriously decompose. Before saying goodbye to the decomposing cheese bread, fifth graders calculated the area of the surface covered in mold as well as identified the types of mold. Great scientific practice. 
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  • 6th Graders Study Oval Office Objects

    6th grade Civics students researched new items in President Biden's Oval Office to determine what symbolism they hold for our country. Using their researched facts, as well as the big ideas they developed, students filled in an Oval Office BINGO card. Here's a look at Robert's card.
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  • Of Trebuchets and Egg Testing

    Students in the Engineering: Structures and Machines course taught by Alex Siragy have begun semester 2 with their trebuchet project, where the challenge is to use a trebuchet or catapult to launch a raw egg as far as possible without breaking the egg. The students must design and build something to carry and protect the egg as it is being catapulted. Check out some photos of one in the pre-trebuchet testing phase, with a little help from Jason Farr, who dropped it.
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  • Tandem Awarded AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

    Tandem Friends recently earned the College Board's AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award for "expanding young women’s access to AP Computer Science Principles (CSP)." 1,119 schools were acknowledged for working towards equal gender representation in 2019-20 and Tandem is one of only 831 schools to receive this award - click here to see a list of schools receiving this award in 2020. The AP honor recognizes Tandem's engagement of more female students in computer science. According to the College Board's award letter, "New research shows that female students who take AP computer science are more likely to major in computer science in college compared with matched peers. Through your leadership in diversifying computer science education, you’re preparing your female students for the high-paying, in-demand jobs of the future and giving them the opportunity to help solve some of society's most challenging problems." Well done Tandem and AP Computer Science teacher Maria Morrell.
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  • Students Participate in Lobby Day

    On Thursday, January 21, Tandem junior Madeline Caduff and 9th graders Kaia Caduff, Charlie Kalnite, Josie Fischman and Emi Murphy participated in Virginia's legislative process by taking part in Lobby Day with the Virginia Conservation Network (VCN). Laura Allen, Tandem's Philanthropy Director and a local environmental activist who advises their student group Student Movement Against Climate Change (SMACC), guided the students in researching environmental issues related to bills that would be under debate in the House and Senate during this legislative session. Each student was able to attend two meetings, one with their local delegate and one with the office of Senator Creigh Deeds, where they got the chance to speak on the importance of the bill that they had selected and researched. The group is grateful to VCN for arranging these meetings and for creating this rare opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the creation of statewide public policy. Even over Zoom, it was an immersive experience that brought civics lessons to life with real-world applications.
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  • Tandem Students Join Quaker Students across the Country in Online Inauguration Program

    On Wednesday, January 20, Tandem Friends students in grades 7-12 participated online in a special inauguration program hosted by the Friends Council on Education. Entitled History Behind Us, History Ahead of Us - This Moment in Time, the pre-inauguration programming featured commentary by Dr. Rodney Glasgow, Head of School at Sandy Springs Friends School in Maryland. Close to 1000 Friends School educators and students joined Glasgow as he reflected on the end of the previous four years and the beginning of the next four years. Glasgow's remarks, which he called 'looking back to look forward,' were followed by the livestream watching of the inauguration together. After the ceremony, there was time for worship and reflection.

    Students on campus watched in small groups with their advisors, and students who were remote could join in from home with the link. It was an exciting moment in history to share together and enthusisam was high. There was even an impromptu inauguration parade on campus by some of the students. What a great opportunity to participate in and reflect together on history in the making on so many levels as we watched democracy and the peaceful transition of power in action.
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  • 5th Graders Study Plankton with Help of Smithsonian

    Our 5th graders, with science teacher Cindy Cartwright, took a virtual field trip with the Smithsonian, where these young scientists learned about plankton. They uncovered many of plankton's super powers that help them create 70% of the oxygen we breathe. They performed fungus experiments, and the Super Plankton pictures and stories that resulted from the virtual field trip are being compiled. Check out their online work, as well as pictures by Nate and Tamittica.
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  • 6th Grade Science Students Study Energy and Motion using Skateboarding

    6th grade science students, with teacher Christina Davis, have been learning about energy, forces, and motion. They completed a Phet virtual simulation by visiting a "virtual skate park" yesterday. They were asked to see how changing the mass of the skateboarder, or the height at which she begins her descent, affected potential and kinetic energy. At the end, the students needed to design their own skate park. They will revisit their park next week and see how adding friction into the mix affects things. Students submitted screenshots of their skateparks and findings, such as the one by Caden seen here.
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  • Tandem Senior Published in American Chemical Society Journal, Analytical Chemistry

    Tandem celebrates a young scientist! Congratulations to senior Leah Gunnoe, who worked with a UVA graduate student in a UVA science lab, and researched and co-authored a paper for a national science journal that was published this month. Here's what she had to say about the research and the publication:

    "In the summer of 2019, I conducted research in the Dr. James Landers Biomicrofluidics Lab at the University of Virginia under the mentorship of graduate student Renna Nouwari, and we worked on two projects: fabrication of a rapid malaria detection chip for on-ground military teams funded by the Department of Defense and fabrication of a reusable separation channel for microchip electrophoresis out of cost-effective plastic materials. In the summer of 2020, I co-authored a review paper titled Microchip Electrophoresis for Fluorescence-Based Measurement of Polynucleic Acids: Recent Developments, 
    which was accepted for review and then published in the American Chemical Society journal Analytical Chemistry."

    Leah has been an active member and two-year leader of our Science Olympiad team, earning medals as follows: second place in Mission Possible (2018−2019), third place in Forensics (2019−2020), fourth place in Forensics (2018−2019). Leah was chosen to participate in both the Virginia Space Coast Grant Virginia Space Coast Scholars (2019) and Virginia Earth Systems Science Scholars (2020). She spent the summers of 2019 and 2020 doing research at UVA under graduate student Renna Nouwairi.

    You can read the lengthy and impressive article from Analytical Chemistry, which was published this month, here. Check out photos of Leah at work in the lab. We're very proud of her impressive work!
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  • Senior Project Season Approaches

    Tandem Friends seniors are busily working on their Senior Projects, set for completion and presentation in mid to late March. The Senior Project is a year-long, independent study project in which each senior explores in detail and masters a self-chosen subject area. The process includes formal research, an extensive journal and synopsis, and a formal, individual presentation to the Senior Project Committee, as well as a presentation to the community. Many students choose projects that balance the stresses of senior year. An approved and completed Senior Project is required of each senior. This year's impressive list of senior project topics can be found here.
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  • Alumni College Panel a Big Hit

    We were grateful for the generosity of alumni willing to share their time and wisdom with our current students on January 8. The College Panel is an annual event of almost 20 years that brings current alumni college students in to share wisdom and answer questions about their college experience with our Upper Schoolers (this year's was our first-ever virtual panel). Sometimes they share what it's like to go to college far from home. Some talk about college level sports. Some chose small schools and some are attending large universities. We even had our first medical school student this year. From what it's like to live in a dorm to how they made the leap from high school classes to college lectures, they have stories to tell about what life has been like for them after Tandem. Thanks to our wonderful alumni panel members: Gillian Gardiner (TFS '12), 2nd year at VCU School of Medicine; Eliza Gaston (TFS '16), sophomore at NYU; Noah Tinsley (TFS '18), junior at UVA; Julia Calland (TFS '18), junior at UVA; Maya Goldstein (TFS '19), sophomore at Rollins College; Charlie Kennedy (TFS '19), sophomore at U Colorado/Boulder; Dean Lockley (TFS' 20), freshman at Longwood University; and, Meridith Frazee (TFS '20), freshman at Sewanee: The University of the South.
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