• 9th Graders Create Shark Tank Presentations

    In 9th grade World History I with teacher Melissa Winder, students are creating Shark Tank presentations trying to "sell" an invention or innovation that was developed during the Tang or Song dynasties in ancient China. Some students are trying to get the 'Sharks' to invest in their moveable type company, or to invest in gunpowder or the magnetic compass or Champa rice (check out the t-shirt the champa rice team made Melissa). In-class presentations began this week and will continue next week. Watch for more details and links to a presentation or two. Check out some photos of these marketers hard at work.
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  • Tandem Teachers Complete SPARC Training

    Two Tandem Upper School teachers, Tucker Winter (English) and Jason Farr (History), recently completely the two-year Friends Council's Spirited Practice and Renewed Courage (SPARC) program, which is described as "a leadership development program based on principles from Parker Palmer's "Courage to Teach" work.
    A group of twenty teachers from Friends schools are selected to take part in this collaborative community, using reflective tools for self-directed professional development. Together, over a two-year cycle, the group explores the art and calling of teaching through critical reflection, dialogue, and feedback. Teachers and administrators are selected to take part in this learning community and use collaborative inquiry and reflective tools for self-directed personal and professional development." Tandem has sent many teachers to SPARC training over the years, and all who have completed the program, including Tucker and Jason, report that it leaves them feeling refreshed and inspired.  Tucker shared that "Jason and I both had a wonderful time.  It was truly one of the best professional development  experiences I have ever had. It is just so rare that teachers get to reflect on the art of teaching for days at a time, especially with other, dedicated teachers who work in Quaker schools.  The conversations were invaluable."
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  • Seniors Finish Projects with Flair

    On Tuesday, April 16, those living near Tandem might have heard a collective sigh or a loud 'whoop' of joy coming from our Class of 2024 as their Senior Project Night came to a close. This capstone event put the final checkmark in the completion box for their Senior Projects, as students first introduced their projects to the audience individually, then left to set up in a space in the Math/Science Building. Attendees then strolled through the classrooms to learn about each project, sort of like in a science fair. Seniors did a wonderful job presenting their topics and sharing both their passion and their knowledge. Congratulations, Class of 2024, on a well done season of projects! Check out more photos from the night here.
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  • 2024 Golden Apple Winner Announced

    Tandem is proud to announce that Middle School history teacher Ned Fisher has been named our 2024 recipient of a Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching. Ned began teaching at Tandem in the fall of 2022 and is also a coach for our varsity cross country and track teams, helping to lead our boys cross country team to a state championship this year. He brings compassion, patience, a deep intellect, and a fantastic sense of humor to his work with 7th and 8th grade history students. 

    Golden Apple Awards are presented each year by sponsor Richard L. Nunley (Better Living Building Supply and Cabinetry) to honor outstanding teachers in our community's schools. The awards are presented to teachers from both public and private schools (VAIS members) in Albemarle County and the city of Charlottesville. One winner is selected from each school, based upon parent and student nominations, which were solicited via form all winter. In addition to receiving a Golden Apple, each recipient also earns a grant of $500, which can be used for classroom materials or to support professional development. Golden Apple Award recipients will be honored in person in a ceremony in May. Congratulations, Ned!
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  • 6th Graders Learn Islamic Calligraphy

    On Thursday, March 28th, Clay Witt (Henry's dad) came to teach the 6th grade about Islamic Calligraphy. He gave us a lesson about Arabic calligraphy and shared his experience as an apprentice to a calligrapher in Damascus. He taught the students how to write Ibn Battuta's name and then showed them how to write their own names in Arabic. Clay brought ink and handmade pens that he made for each student. It was fascinating and they learned so much! 
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  • French 2/3 Students Teach Younger International School Students

    French 2/3 students took a field trip this week to the International School of Charlottesville where they read books, sang a song, helped with a craft, and taught a rhyme about planting cabbages to eighteen eager junior kindergarten/kindergarten French immersion students.
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  • Latin Students Excel on National Latin Exam

    Tandem Friends Upper School Latin students of teacher Tim Brannelly earned some wonderful results on the 2024 National Latin Exam (NLE), including two gold medals. In Latin III (Intermediate Latin), Owen S and John B earned Summa cum laude results (gold medal, "with highest praise"), Elijah M earned Magna cum laude results ("with very great praise"), and Ty B earned Cum laude results ("with praise"). In Latin V, Emma P received Cum laude recognition for Advanced Latin Prose level and Phia S-J received Maxima cum laude recognition (silver medal) for Advanced Reading Comprehension level. Gratulationes, Latin scholars!
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  • State Science Olympiad Yields Great Results for Tandem Scientists

    I am thrilled to share that for the first time in school history, Tandem earned medals in two events at the Science Olympiad state tournament - 5th in Flight (Mary & Emory) and 2nd in Robot Tour (John & Hayes). This is such an amazing accomplishment! Engineering events are notoriously difficult to do well in at the state level and to earn medals in two is phenomenal. I want to shout out the performances of several other teams as well: 8th in Scrambler (Bailey, Owen), 9th in Fermi Questions (John, Emory), and 12th in Wind Power (Oscar, John). Though they didn't medal, earning a spot in the top 12 at the state tournament is no small feat and requires a level of effort and success comparable to earning a 3rd/4th place medal at the regional level. Well done!

    The timing of the tournament had a major impact on our overall team score as Spring Break conflicts meant that several events were covered by team members that hadn't done the event at the regional level. They nonetheless put forth their best effort and did a fantastic job representing TFS. Once again, medals were awarded to 1st-6th place in each event and trophies were awarded to 1st-5th place overall school performance. 23 school teams participated in the tournament and 4 "gold-bid" teams were present as well.  

    Individual results are provided below, and check out the photos shared.

    Individual Event Results

    Group A
    - Disease Detectives - 18th (Charlie, Sawyer)
    - Fermi Questions - 9th (Emory, John)
    - Forensics - 23rd (Mary, Bailey)

    Group B
    - Detector Building - 19th (Hayes, Charlie)
    - Fossils - 17th (Owen, Ty)
    - Write It, Do It - 16th (Mary, Bailey)

    Group C
    - Experimental Design - 22nd (Mary, Owen, Jude)
    - Geologic Mapping - 21st (Charlie, Will)
    - Microbe Mission - 23rd (Ty, Sawyer)

    Group D
    - Chemistry Lab - 18th (John, Oscar)
    - Codebusters - 19th (Sawyer, Emory, Jack N)
    - Ecology - 14th (Evelyn, Will)

    Group E
    - Dynamic Planet - 20th (Jack N, Kavi)
    - Forestry - 19th (Charlie, Evelyn)
    - Wind Power - 12th (Oscar, John)

    Group F
    - Anatomy & Physiology - 24th (N/A)
    - Astronomy - 16th (Kavi, Jack N)
    - Optics - 20th (Oscar, Hayes)

    - Air Trajectory - 20th (Ty, Will)
    - Flight - 5th (Mary, Emory)
    - Robot Tour - 2nd (John, Hayes)
    - Scrambler - 8th (Bailey, Owen)
    - Tower - 16th (Kavi, Jude)

    Even with the challenges created by Spring Break and the looming end of the year, everyone once again put in an incredible effort and I am proud of all we did. What a great season!
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  • Second Model UN a Success

    Tandem's Model UN students (this time 10 attended) spent last weekend in Washington, DC at the George Washington University hosted Washington Area Model UN Conference. With teachers Alex Siragy and Melissa Winder mentoring, Tandem's participants successfully navigated a busy few days and lots of meetings and events. Students did great jobs with their presentations and committee work. Junior Eli L earned a verbal commendation representing Argentina in SPECPOL (Special Political and Decolonization Committee). They discussed the topic of policing the international prison industrial system as well as the topic of drugs and rehabilitative justice. Well done, Tandem Model UN ambassadors on your second event of the year!
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  • Middle School Spanish Students Practice Spanish while Dining Out

    Victoria Bryant's 7th and 8th grade Spanish students got to have some delicious fun while practicing their Spanish-speaking skills. The 7th graders learned about the staple foods from Venezuela and how to order at a restaurant. They had an opportunity to visit Arepas on Wheels and ordered foods such as arepas, tres leches, and more. They then had conversations using some questions provided to talk about their interests and preferences. The 8th graders went to Al Carbón and also ordered their meals in Spanish while asking questions about each other in Spanish. 
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  • Tandem Middle Schoolers Compete in Regional Science Fair

    On Saturday March 23rd, four Tandem 7th & 8th graders, with science teacher Anne Deane as their chaperone/mentor, joined over a hundred other middle schoolers from seven counties to compete in the 44th Annual Virginia Piedmont Regional Science Fair held at UVA's North Fork Discovery Park. Their projects included two chemistry projects (Which salt is best for melting ice? How much iron is in our breakfast cereal?), one microbiology project (How do germs spread?) and a behavioral science project (What is better for learning, an online or in-person teacher?). Kudos to Nico and Bela for earning honorable mention ribbons, to Laurel S for her third-place medal, and to Jon for a great project!
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  • 6th Grade Girls Attend Women in Science Event

    Over the weekend, 6th grade students, Maddy, Josie, and Anicca attended a women in science event at James Madison University. They completed a series of fun workshops that required them to put their STEM skills to the test! In Skittle Statistics, they learned about R, a programming language, and calculated the probability of randomly selecting different Skittles flavors. In Marooned, they implemented the engineering design process to create a boat that would safely transport an egg across water. In Science Sleuths, they unlocked a treasure box by solving a series of challenges, requiring them to identify credible sources. The girls said it was a long, but fun, day and they learned lots about different career opportunities in STEM! Check put some photos from the day.
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  • Class of 2024 Senior Project Presentations Underway

    The Class of 2024 began presenting their Senior Projects to the community this week, a culmination of a year-long project that began when school started, and for some, even before that. Our Senior Project process consists of many elements, including (to list just a few) a detailed journal, a research paper, and the culminating public presentation. Seniors presenting their Senior Projects during Community Time on six different school days in March, with five to seven seniors presenting each day. Family members are welcome to attend. Juniors are required to attend presentations each day, and other Upper Schoolers can attend. Here is a list of this year's Senior Project topics: 
    • Kayaking
    • Animation
    • Podcasting and student radio
    • Automotive repair
    • Beat making
    • Chinese regional cooking
    • Building a bird garden
    • Cyber security intern
    • Making tufted rugs
    • Oil painting
    • Teaching STEM to elementary girls
    • Electric guitar
    • Learning Japanese (two projects)
    • Soul and R&B singing/songwriting
    • Breakdancing
    • Animation
    • French patisserie (two projects)
    • Researching and building financial models for buyouts
    • Singing
    • Upcycling clothes
    • Setting rock climbing routes
    • Athletic training/physical therapy
    • Barbering
    • Wedding planning
    • Cooking
    • Writing a novel
    • Acrylic nail design
    • Audio mixing and production
    • Getting a pilot’s license
    • Sports photography
    • A capella singing
    • Sewing and costume design
    • Baking cakes/wedding cakes
    • Blacksmithing
    • Running
    The final project element is Senior Project Night, when all seniors share their presentation work in an evening celebration of their work, attended by the community on April 16 this year. Way to go seniors! Check out a photo slideshow of project presentations here.
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  • French I Scavenger Hunt and Lunch

    French 1 students, with teacher Claire Buisseret, took a field trip to the Downtown Mall on Thursday to go on a French-language scavenger hunt and eat lunch at Petite Marie-Bette. It was tres amusant for all of them!
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  • March Madness Vocab Tourney

    The annual March Madness Heads Up Tournament was held in 7th and 8th grade English this week. Using teams of two, the pairs move through the brackets like in basketball. Similar to "Heads Up," students must give their partner a definition and the partner must guess the word from the class list of over 50 vocabulary words. The most correct words in a minute wins. Teams play several rounds to get to the Final Four! After a lively couple of final rounds during Thursday's Community Time, the champion teams for each grade were declared.  Congratulations to our final four teams (eventual champs in bold): 8th graders Vivian T. + Alexander E., Lucy D. + Dhruvi G., Hazel L. + Norah S. and Claire D. + Jacob D.; 7th graders Libby E. + Grayson L., Emory B. + Lily Y., Alanna + Nico, Alex + Kanice, Annie + Sophie, and Elodie + Jonas! If you're wondering how you would do, check out some of the words - 7th grade words included ostracize, euphemism, catharsis, perpetuate, and incorrigible; 8th grade words included ostentatious, harangue, veritable, altruistic, and machination.
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  • Middle School Scientists Exploring Big Topics

    Middle School science teacher Anne Deane's 8th grade Physical Science students have been researching the pros and cons of nuclear energy for producing electricity, and have developed a claim about the future of nuclear energy in the US. This week students are finalizing a CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) essay arguing for their claim. Meanwhile, Anne's 7th grade Life Science students are exploring ethical issues involved with genetic engineering, including GMOs and gene therapies.
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  • 5th Grade Building Challenge

    Fifth graders were challenged with building a 12-inch tall tower that could support the weight of a can of beans out of only 30 pieces of paper and a roll of tape One team, consisting of Aggie H, Ryan J, and Mae T, built a successful tower! Others were so close, but we ran out of class time. Check out some photos of their efforts.
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  • 6th Grade Creates Board Game about Medieval Muslim World

    This week, 6th grade wrapped up our unit on Islam and their look at the Medieval Muslim World by creating a board game based on Ibn Battuta’s travels in the 14th century. On Tuesday, we will play our games with the entire grade during long block. 
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  • 6th Graders Study Black History in Space Exploration

    6th graders concluded their unit on space by watching The Space Race, a new National Geographic documentary that tells the story of the first Black astronauts. Following the movie, 6th graders worked together to create a timeline of Black history in space exploration.
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  • March Mammal Madness Takes Hold in 5th/6th Grades

    5th and 6th graders are gearing up for March Mammal Madness in science and English classes. Students are working hard to research their animals and use the information learned to make their brackets. They will all be entered in the tournament through Arizona State University. The first round is next week! To learn more about March Mammal Madness, which pits animals against each other like teams in the NCAA tourney, click here (you can download your own bracket). You can also follow the educational fun on the March Mammal Madness Facebook page.
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  • Middle School Spanish Classes have Fun

    In 8th grade Spanish class we have been reading the novel, Agentes secretos y el mural de Picasso, which is a historical fiction that takes place in Spain. The theme centers around motives and desires as well as how art can be a reflection of our internal world as well as used for activism ("Artivism"). We had a guest speaker, Chicho Lorenzo, who is originally from Spain but is a local artist who has done many murals around Charlottesville. He was interviewed in Spanish by our class and he shared his story with us and his love of art as well as people. When asked about what is most important to him, he said that being attentive and living in the moment is important to him to make the most out of life and to really be with those we love. He also spoke about how we all have a passion and things that spark that light within us and asked all of us what that passion was, which included running, drawing, baseball, soccer, acting, and singing.  
    In 6th grade Spanish we learned about typical Venezuelan food and how to place an order at a restaurant. We learned about what flour is used to make arepas and explored other staple foods such as yucca (cassava) and plantains. We then visited Arepas on Wheels and had the opportunity to put our knowledge into action and shared a meal together while answering a simple question in Spanish we each got in order to initiate some conversation.
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  • Science Olympiad Teams Earns Trip to State Competition

    I wanted to share results from the recent Science Olympiad tournament in Lynchburg. Medals were awarded to 1st-6th place in each event and trophies were awarded to 1st-5th place for overall school performance. I am thrilled to share that Tandem earned a 3rd place trophy, with an overall score only 3 points shy of the 2nd place score. That performance means that Tandem has qualified for the state tournament, where we are eligible to send a 15-person team to compete in the main events along with up to 2 alternates who can compete in trial events as well as main events should any of the 15-person team be unable to participate. The state tournament takes place Saturday, April 6 and is hosted at UVA. 

    Everyone put in so much effort and had such positive energy and I am proud of them all. A big shoutout and thank you to Casey for being our assistant coach. Her help was vital to our success and I am so grateful to her. Another shoutout to Russell for driving down to cheer us on and to the Camarata family for cheering us and giving us a tour of the cool classroom spaces at VT (courtesy of alum Jacob C, TFS '23). 

    Check out some photos taken this season (more here and more to come from the state tournament) and individual results are below.

    Individual Event Results
    • Group A
      • Disease Detectives - 8th (Charlie, Emma)
      • Fermi Questions - 2nd (Emory, John) ; 7th (Mary, Hayes)
      • Forensics - 2nd (Emi, Mattea)
    • Group B
      • Fossils - 3rd (Owen, Ty)
      • Write It, Do It - 5th (Emi, Mattea) ; 7th (Mary, Bailey)
    • Group C
      • Geologic Mapping - 8th (Charlie, Mattea)
    • Group D
      • Chemistry Lab - 6th (Emma, Maggie)
      • Codebusters - 2nd (Emi, Emory, Jack N)
      • Ecology - 3rd (Evelyn, Will)
    • Group E
      • Dynamic Planet - 6th (Emi, Jack N)
      • Forestry - 1st (Charlie, Evelyn)
      • Wind Power - 3rd (Jack M, Oscar)
    • Group F
      • Anatomy & Physiology - 9th (Emma, Maggie)
      • Astronomy - 7th (Kavi, Jack N); 9th (Hayes)
      • Optics - 7th (Jack M, Oscar)
    • Self-Scheduled
      • Air Trajectory - 5th (Ty, Will)
      • Robot Tour - 1st (John, Owen) ; 11th (Hayes, Jude)
      • Scrambler - 4th (Owen, Ty) ; 2nd (Mary, Bailey)
      • Tower - 3rd (Kavi, Will)
    Yay Tandem! Onward to the state tournament!
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  • 7th Grade Drama Presents Cafe 007 Part 2

    The second trimester 7th grade drama class presented its self-written performance of Cafe 007 Part 2 to the entire Middle School today. Directed by Edwina Herring, the show contained skits written and rehearsed by the cast members over the course of the trimester. There were skits about a murder mystery, a family reunion gone awry, a parody of Frozen, some wonderful piano interludes by cast members, and much more. The students referred to their production as "Cafe Double 'Uh Oh' 7" while Edwina described it as "delightful, dangerous and a little diabolical." The show began with impressive performances by Middle School music classes, led by teacher Cam Pampus. 5th grade music played Heat Wave by The Glass Animals and 7th grade music played Jealousy, Jealousy by Olivia Rodrigo and I Can See You by Taylor Swift. It was a great performance by the cast and the musicians. Check out some photos here and watch for more photos next week.
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  • 7th and 8th Grade English Students Tackle Powerful Topics

    In 7th and 8th grade English classes:  Seventh graders are building background on apartheid in South Africa before they start reading It's Me, Trevor Noah: Born a Crime. Students are having conversations about how to have hard conversations in the classroom and how to create safe spaces for peers to learn and share.
    Eighth graders are reading and following along to the audiobook to Elie Weisel's Night, intentionally listening as witnesses to this horrific event in history. Prior to their reading, students read background on and discussed Hitler's rise to power, paying attention to his meticulous and intentional "othering" of people he believed to be different, and inferior.
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  • Tandem Co-Founder John Howard Talks with Students about the Future

    Our founding Head of School, John Howard, joined a group of Upper School students at lunch on Thursday to talk about the future. On the first day of Tandem, in 1970, John famously stood in the Blue Room and asked the 22 students present: what do you want to do with this school of yours? This week, John's question for them is about their future and their country: what do you want to do with this nation of yours? What issues are important to you? What kind of future do you want to work for? It was an engaging and inspiring conversation and the students are eager to keep talking. Thank you, John!
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  • 9th Graders Learn about Chemical Bonding

    9th grade Integrated Science I students started their unit on chemical bonding this week. During this unit, 9th graders will be solving a mystery using their knowledge of the elements and chemical bonding. In the first experiment, they explored the difference oxygen can make by observing water and hydrogen peroxide react with potatoes, yeast, and potassium iodide. Check out some photos from the lab.
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  • French 2/3 Students Make Crepes

    Tandem French teacher Blaire Buisseret and her French 2/French 3 students (with one Spanish interloper) enjoyed making and eating crepes during class last week. The crepes look delicious!
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  • Upper School Begins Peter and the Starcatcher Production

    The Upper School Drama department has announced the cast for their March production of Peter and the Starcatcher, a play (with music) based on the novel Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson that serves as a prequel to J. M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy The show will be directed by Upper School Drama teacher Ronda Hewitt, with senior Emi M as Assistant Director. Amelia Camacho will serve as Music Director/Vocal Coach and Tandem students under the direction of music teacher Mark Goldstein will comprise the band. Rehearsals began on January 30 and performances will be held March 15-17 (note that the performances will run one week earlier than originally scheduled. Ronda describes the show as a 'play with music that is joyful and hilarious.' The cast includes 25 Upper School students.
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  • Tandem Model UN Participants Head to First Conference

    Tandem's Upper School Model United Nations group of 21 students left on Thursday for Philadelphia to take on their first Model UN conference of the year (the Ivy League Model UN Conference or ILMUNC). Teachers Alex Siragy and Jocelyn Camarata are the chaperones. Students will stay at and attend all conference events at the Marriott Philadelphia Downtown Hotel from January 25th-28th. They will participate in their first committee session Thursday night, then have two sessions Friday night, two sessions on Saturday, and one on Sunday. It's a busy schedule - read more about the event here. In addition to their many working conference sessions, delegates will have some fun late evening activities to enjoy with the delegates from other participating schools. Following is the list of TFS students attending, their current grade and their committee assignments and positions:
    • Sam B (12) - SPECPOL, El Salvador
    • Larissa Fr (12) - CSD, El Salvador
    • Emi M (12) - OAS, El Salvador
    • Ainsley P (12) - ECOFIN, El Salvador
    • Eleanor S (12) - ECOFIN, El Salvador
    • Josie C (12) - JCC Meta, Alana Yang
    • Bean C (11) - SOCHUM, El Salvador
    • Eli L (11) - SPECPOL, El Salvador
    • Mary R (11) - UNHCR, El Salvador
    • Bailey W (11) - UNHCR, El Salvador
    • Maggie W (11) - SOCHUM, El Salvador
    • Henry A (10) - DISEC, El Salvador
    • Ty B (10) - DISEC, El Salvador
    • Jack B (10) - Summit on AI, El Salvador
    • Ian G (10) - Summit on AL, El Salvador
    • Hudson L (10) - FIFA, El Salvador
    • Kavi M (10) - Legal, El Salvador
    • Cora R (10) - UNCTAD, El Salvador
    • Fia S (10) - UNCTAD, El Salvador
    • Alex S (10) - Legal, El Salvador
    Good luck, Tandem Model UN delegates!
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  • 6th Graders Learning about Civil Rights Movement

    6th grade English students are beginning their reading of The Watsons Go To Birmingham -1963, by Christopher Paul Curtis. This week has been dedicated to studying human rights and key events from the Civil Rights Movement to build background knowledge and context. Our own Gordon Fields, the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Tandem Friends School, graciously visited the English classes and shared his story and experiences of growing up in Charlottesville during the 1960's. Students also read and took visual sketch notes of local author, Amy Lee Tai's, story of her family's experiences in an internment camp during World War ll, A Place Where Sunflowers Grow. Check out some photos from our chat with Gordon.
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  • 7th Graders Find Surface of a Sphere

    In Math 7 class, Emily Kinser's 7th graders tried to figure out how to find the surface area of a sphere! A beachball seemed like a good way to start. Check out some photos of their attempt.
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  • 5th Graders Map Earth's History

    5th graders recently mapped out the history of the Earth using a roll of toilet paper for their timeline. The objective was to demonstrate: 1) how long the history of the Earth is; and, 2) that humans have only existed for a tiny fraction of the Earth's entire history. The snow/mud and wind made the project challenging as the toilet paper kept ripping and blowing away, but students learned much from the process nevertheless. Check out a few photos.
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  • Students Heading to Quaker Youth Leadership Conference Next Week

    Six Upper Schoolers will be representing Tandem at this year's 2024 Quaker Youth Leadership Conference (held January 25-27), an annual gathering/summit which connects students from Quaker schools all over the world through talks, activities and workshops. This year's in-person conference is being held at Germantown Friends School & William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. Tandem's student delegation includes seniors Mattea G, Julian P, juniors Elena P, Esme W, Tessa D and Alex E; teachers Jason Farr and K. Kroese will attend as faculty sponsors. 

    This year's theme is "Quakerism: Past, Present, and Future," and all activities, workshops and speakers will focus on that. Participants will enjoy small group work, community adventures and experiential learning, workshops, speakers including Dr. Darryl Ford, a talent show, meetings for worship and more. We look forward to hearing more details about their activities and workshops. Tandem students always return from QYLC fueled with ideas and information that will help inspire and guide our community. Tandem hosted QYLC in 2007 and 2015.
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  • 8th Grade Job Fair Provides Useful Information

    8th grade English students of Carolyn Warhaftig just completed a great Job Fair project. Students were asked to select a job that interested them from a list of professional positions and then found an adult in that job to interview via a teacher-initiated Google Meet. Students conducted their interviews, then they conducted their own additional research on the profession to fill out their understanding of ideas like salary, educational requirements, etc. With the information uncovered in their job interviews, 8th graders then set up and ran a job fair for 7th graders. Each 8th grader set up a desk with an informative flyer they created to depict the position they researched and provide details about what the job entailed. Jobs featured included a wide range, such as: college coach, physical therapist, firefighter, nurse, lawyer, NASA researcher, professional athlete, travel advisor, semiconductor engineer, cyber security, plumber, architect, wildlife biologist, sports team outfitter, exotic animal vet, and so many more. 7th graders came through to visit each 'booth' and ask questions as if they were seeking employment. What a fun and informative project! Check out some of the photos.
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  • Middle Schoolers Honor and Discuss "I Have a Dream" Speech

    Today, during Community Time, the entire Middle School gathered in the Community Hall to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Led by Avis Fields and Carolyn Warhaftig, the students engaged in discussion around King's "I have a Dream" speech. The students watched and responded to this artistic accompaniment to the entire speech, Freedom’s Ring - King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech
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  • 8th Graders Study 1900s Labor Conditions, Work on Job Fair Interviews

    After completing a unit on working conditions in the early 1900s, 8th graders started working on their Job Fair Project, which allows them to explore jobs in the present day. For the project, 8th graders conducted Google Meet interviews with professionals from numerous fields, including sports medicine doctors, physical therapists, engineers, and more. After writing informational pamphlets, 8th graders will host a job fair for the 7th grade next week. Watch for details and photos from this great project.
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  • More Middle School PE Fun with Hover Discs

    5th grade PE students really got to try out hover 'discs' on the gym floor this week just like their 6th grade friends got to do before the Winter Break. Middle School science teacher Kayla Coverston wanted to teach her students some basic scientific facts and brought in two hover crafts to give the 5th graders a try. Check out some photos of the fun that ensued as students 'hovered' over the gym floor.
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  • Tandem Sophomores Test Out 'New" UVA Library for Sophomore Seminar Research

    Tandem tenth graders spent a day this week at UVA launching into their Sophomore Seminar research. They got to be the the literal first class to be held in the newly reopened Alderman Library. They learned about the UVA library system, touring both the databases and the physical spaces, and gathering sources for their upcoming research. They were chaperoned by teachers on the 9/10 team who will support them throughout their research process. For the next three months, they will each dive into deep learning about their chosen topics, developing their skills as researchers, writers, and presenters. Check out some photos!
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  • Alumni Panel Talks to Upper School

    We were grateful for the generosity of young Tandem alumni willing to share their time and wisdom with our current juniors and seniors on January 5. The Young Alumni College Panel is an annual event of almost 20 years that brings current alumni college students in to share wisdom and answer questions about their college experience with Upper Schoolers. Sometimes they share what it's like to go to college far from home. Some talk about college-level sports. Some chose small schools and some are attending large universities. From what it's like to live in a dorm to how they made the leap from high school classes to college lectures, they have stories to tell about life after Tandem and plenty of great advice to give. Thanks to our wonderful alumni panel members: Tori Carter-Johnston (TFS '18), Nathan Stevenson (TFS '20), Phiala Deal (TFS '20), Ford Scott (TFS '21), and Anya Bullock (TFS '22) for sharing their insight and wisdom. We love having them return to campus to tell their stories.
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  • Spanish Students Honor Ecuadorian Tradition

    On New Year's Eve in Guayaquil, Ecuador people burn large dolls or monigotes. They may fill them with old newspapers or small notes about regrets, mistakes or negative events from the previous year, then incinerate them to make a fresh start. Spanish IV students reviewed irregular preterite verbs, wrote a short paragraph about things they want to leave behind in 2024 and safely lit them on fire during class one day this week. We burned away the bad and made light to invite joy in the new year. This honoring of traditions in Spanish-speaking countries will be repeated in March for Advanced Spanish and Las Fallas from Spain.
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