• Spanish Students Studying Picasso and Civil War

    Spanish 3 students have been reading El arte es una mentira, a story about Picasso's blue period and the Spanish Civil War. They were then asked to work in small groups to create and perform a presentation retelling the story from a first person perspective.  Check out some photos from their retellings.
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  • 7th & 8th Graders Take on 'Olympic" Challenges

    While Shannon McCullough's Math 7 and Algebra students continue with their standard math curriculum (exponential functions for Algebra and a new geometry unit for Math 7), they are also puzzling themselves in other ways. They have been working on some extra challenges by tackling Math Olympiad problems in both classes. Check out a couple of photos of some 8th graders working on those problems - looks like they are both thought provoking and fun. 
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  • Tandem Volleyball Player Honored in 2022 All Central Virginia Team

    Congratulations to Tandem senior Anna W who was named to the 2022 All Central Virginia Volleyball Team, Honorable Mention for the second year straight. Anna has received this honor twice in a largely public school dominated field of players. Anna's great play this season helped lead the Badgers to an undefeated GPAC conference record and both the conference regular season and tournament championships. Anna was also named GPAC Player of the Year. Check out the full All Central Virginia team here.
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  • 5th Graders Enjoy Gym Time

    On Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch, our energetic 5th graders have recently been enjoying their "5th grade only" gym time on the new gym floor. They play games and have lots of fun - click on the headline to see more photos. Note to parents: Just a reminder to send students who like to be active during their breaks to school with a pair of backup shoes that are gym floor/physical activity appropriate. It's sad when they can't participate because they don't have on appropriate gym shoes.
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  • Obituary Link for Former Social Studies Teacher Barbara McCallum

    We're very sad to report that former Tandem social studies teacher Barbara McCallum, who taught at Tandem from 1987-1991, has passed away. Here is a link to Barbara's obituary, which was thoughtfully shared by her daughter Ashley. Barbara loved teaching and being part of the Tandem family.  Please join us in holding Barbara's family in the Light.
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  • Alumni College Panel Returns

    We were grateful for the generosity of Tandem alumni willing to share their time and wisdom with our current juniors and seniors on January 6. The College Panel is an annual event of almost 20 years that brings current alumni college students in to share wisdom and answer questions about their college experience with Upper Schoolers. Sometimes they share what it's like to go to college far from home. Some talk about college-level sports. Some chose small schools and some are attending large universities. From what it's like to live in a dorm to how they made the leap from high school classes to college lectures, they have stories to tell about life after Tandem and plenty of great advice to give. Thanks to our wonderful alumni panel members: Sophie F (TFS '21, Vassar), Charlie K (TFS '19, U of Colorado Boulder), Anna K (TFS '21, Bryn Mawr), Ben L (TFS '19, UVA) and Jeremy O (TFS '19, UVA) for sharing their insight and wisdom. We love having them return to campus to tell their stories.
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  • Sophomore Seminar Research Begins Officially

    Tenth graders spent a day this week at UVA launching into their Sophomore Seminar research. They spent time in Clemons library (Alderman is still under renovation) learning about the UVA library system, touring both the databases and the physical spaces, and gathering sources for their upcoming research. They were chaperoned by teachers on the 9/10 team who will support them throughout their research process. For the next three months, they will each dive into deep learning about their chosen topics, developing their skills as researchers, writers, and presenters.
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  • Math 7 Students Create Business Plans

    Before the end of first semester and our holiday break, Shannon McCullough's Math 7 students created a business plan using their knowledge of rates. Student businesses were all subscription-based services and included gyms, a goat petting zoo, an internet provider, a newspaper, and a few coffee shops. Students were invited to present their business plans to the class - check out some photos of their work. 
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  • Varsity Basketball Player Succeeds On and Off Court

    Tandem senior point guard Tvo Gardner recently received the Player of the Week award given by The Daily Progress. On the court, he's helped lead the Badger varsity boys basketball team this season by averaging 25.2 points, 4.1 assists and 2.7 steals a game. He scored a career best of 37 points in a December game win against Quantico. Off the court, Tvo is also a success in the business world, managing his own clothing brand, Glory Days. He also maintains a huge social media presence on TikTok with almost 800,000 followers. He's also a great student and a kind and compassionate community member. This week, he brought in a bin of his merchandise to give away - once word got out, it was gone in munutes!

    Learn more about Tvo in this Daily Progress profile article. We couldn't be prouder. (photo by David Deal)
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