• 5th Graders Study Plankton with Help of Smithsonian

    Our 5th graders, with science teacher Cindy Cartwright, took a virtual field trip with the Smithsonian, where these young scientists learned about plankton. They uncovered many of plankton's super powers that help them create 70% of the oxygen we breathe. They performed fungus experiments, and the Super Plankton pictures and stories that resulted from the virtual field trip are being compiled. Check out their online work, as well as pictures by Nate and Tamittica.
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  • 6th Grade Science Students Study Energy and Motion using Skateboarding

    6th grade science students, with teacher Christina Davis, have been learning about energy, forces, and motion. They completed a Phet virtual simulation by visiting a "virtual skate park" yesterday. They were asked to see how changing the mass of the skateboarder, or the height at which she begins her descent, affected potential and kinetic energy. At the end, the students needed to design their own skate park. They will revisit their park next week and see how adding friction into the mix affects things. Students submitted screenshots of their skateparks and findings, such as the one by Caden seen here.
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  • Tandem Senior Published in American Chemical Society Journal, Analytical Chemistry

    Tandem celebrates a young scientist! Congratulations to senior Leah Gunnoe, who worked with a UVA graduate student in a UVA science lab, and researched and co-authored a paper for a national science journal that was published this month. Here's what she had to say about the research and the publication:

    "In the summer of 2019, I conducted research in the Dr. James Landers Biomicrofluidics Lab at the University of Virginia under the mentorship of graduate student Renna Nouwari, and we worked on two projects: fabrication of a rapid malaria detection chip for on-ground military teams funded by the Department of Defense and fabrication of a reusable separation channel for microchip electrophoresis out of cost-effective plastic materials. In the summer of 2020, I co-authored a review paper titled Microchip Electrophoresis for Fluorescence-Based Measurement of Polynucleic Acids: Recent Developments, 
    which was accepted for review and then published in the American Chemical Society journal Analytical Chemistry."

    Leah has been an active member and two-year leader of our Science Olympiad team, earning medals as follows: second place in Mission Possible (2018−2019), third place in Forensics (2019−2020), fourth place in Forensics (2018−2019). Leah was chosen to participate in both the Virginia Space Coast Grant Virginia Space Coast Scholars (2019) and Virginia Earth Systems Science Scholars (2020). She spent the summers of 2019 and 2020 doing research at UVA under graduate student Renna Nouwairi.

    You can read the lengthy and impressive article from Analytical Chemistry, which was published this month, here. Check out photos of Leah at work in the lab. We're very proud of her impressive work!
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  • Senior Project Season Approaches

    Tandem Friends seniors are busily working on their Senior Projects, set for completion and presentation in mid to late March. The Senior Project is a year-long, independent study project in which each senior explores in detail and masters a self-chosen subject area. The process includes formal research, an extensive journal and synopsis, and a formal, individual presentation to the Senior Project Committee, as well as a presentation to the community. Many students choose projects that balance the stresses of senior year. An approved and completed Senior Project is required of each senior. This year's impressive list of senior project topics can be found here.
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  • Alumni College Panel a Big Hit

    We were grateful for the generosity of alumni willing to share their time and wisdom with our current students on January 8. The College Panel is an annual event of almost 20 years that brings current alumni college students in to share wisdom and answer questions about their college experience with our Upper Schoolers (this year's was our first-ever virtual panel). Sometimes they share what it's like to go to college far from home. Some talk about college level sports. Some chose small schools and some are attending large universities. We even had our first medical school student this year. From what it's like to live in a dorm to how they made the leap from high school classes to college lectures, they have stories to tell about what life has been like for them after Tandem. Thanks to our wonderful alumni panel members: Gillian Gardiner (TFS '12), 2nd year at VCU School of Medicine; Eliza Gaston (TFS '16), sophomore at NYU; Noah Tinsley (TFS '18), junior at UVA; Julia Calland (TFS '18), junior at UVA; Maya Goldstein (TFS '19), sophomore at Rollins College; Charlie Kennedy (TFS '19), sophomore at U Colorado/Boulder; Dean Lockley (TFS' 20), freshman at Longwood University; and, Meridith Frazee (TFS '20), freshman at Sewanee: The University of the South.
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