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The arts are thriving at Tandem Friends! With seven drama productions a year, two concerts, open mic performances, art shows, and other music performances around the community, there is always something going on. Students can take classes in drama, music, visual arts, film and more.

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Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, our campus is closed and on-campus arts events have moved online into a virtual format.

Arts News

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  • Middle School Artists and Great Works of Art Reimagined

    Middle School artists created some amazing photographic reproductions of classic works of art during their online learning time. Check out this amazing recreation of Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring by 5th grader Maeve. This idea of 'great works of art reimagined' has been a popular project for those practicing solcial distancing this spring, and our students really came up with some great reproductions. Check out the full slideshow here.
  • Upper School Art Thriving Online

    Upper School art teacher has brought online learning to art easily and her students are doing some great work. There's even an Art Club that decided to keep meeting virtually with campus closed (Fridays from 1-2pm). Check out a photo of them working together online. Upper School art students shared some great work this week. Elise Van Der Loo, who takes a watercolor independent studey shared two paintings. Talia Smith shared a wonderful pencil drawing of a mason jar. Amelia Martic shared her papier mache sculpture of a gerbil, along with a photo of her model.
  • Art Project Brings Feel Good Surprise

    This week, Upper School art teacher Susan Brodie assigned a fun papier mache project for some of her students. They were to create a sculpture out of papier mache that will later have to be painted. As students worked on theirs at home, Susan, in true Tandem teacher fashion, created one of her own at home. She chose to make a papier mache bunny. As she dipped random strips of newspaper into her gluey paste, she suddenly noticed that the piece she had placed right over the bunny's heart just happened to say Tandem Friends School - it was a piece of a color ad that was in Susan's pile of strips. This warmed Susan's heart and seemed a wonderful and ironic surprise to share.

Arts Highlights