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The arts are thriving at Tandem Friends!  With seven drama productions a year, two concerts, open mic performances, art shows, and other music performances around the community, there is always something going on.  Students can take classes in drama, music, visual arts, film and more.  

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Arts News

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  • Art Project Brings Feel Good Surprise

    This week, Upper School art teacher Susan Brodie assigned a fun papier mache project for some of her students. They were to create a sculpture out of papier mache that will later have to be painted. As students worked on theirs at home, Susan, in true Tandem teacher fashion, created one of her own at home. She chose to make a papier mache bunny. As she dipped random strips of newspaper into her gluey paste, she suddenly noticed that the piece she had placed right over the bunny's heart just happened to say Tandem Friends School - it was a piece of a color ad that was in Susan's pile of strips. This warmed Susan's heart and seemed a wonderful and ironic surprise to share.
  • 8th Graders Visit Art Special Collections at UVA

    The eighth grade art class visited the Small Special Collections Library at UVA on March10 to view their collection of handmade artist books. The students are currently working on creating accordion fold books of their own.
  • Student Artist's Ceramic Vase Heads to National Competition

    Tandem sophomore Amelia Martin, a mid-year transfer from Albemarle High School, brings lots of artistic talent with her. In the fall, she submitted an art piece - a hand-built ceramic vase done in the sgriffito style - to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition. Amelia recently received news that her submission won a “gold key”, which means it has moved up and is currently competing for national recognition in New York. Her piece is entitled Carcharadon Carcharias (great white shark). The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition ends in March. Amelia currently takes a sculptural ceramics class with Upper School art teacher Susan Brodie. Good luck, Amelia! 

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