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College Counseling

We believe that choosing a college is an opportunity for students to further develop interests, define talents, and explore their own individual ideas, dreams and values.

In keeping with the Friends philosophy of honoring the individual and their unique interests and talents, the College Counseling Team works with students and their families throughout their high school experience to ensure that each student’s needs are met individually beyond graduation.

While the College Counseling Team is responsible for shepherding students through the college process, there is a larger, more integrated team. Teachers, advisors, tutors, and even the Head of School are involved in regular, ongoing conversations about our students’ college goals. English teachers provide feedback and advice on college essays. Advisors help brainstorm ideas for additional colleges students may want to consider. Math teachers help tutor students and improve their SAT scores. The Head of School meets with the College Counseling Team to stay up to date on each senior's ever-evolving plans. At Tandem Friends, the college process is truly a team effort!

Portrait of a Tandem Friends Graduate

  • Intellectual: A Tandem Friends School graduate actively creates rather than passively consumes knowledge.
  • Community: A Tandem Friends School graduate embraces unique individual gifts while cultivating community.
  • Creativity: A Tandem Friends School graduate values play and dares to ask, “Why not?”
  • Spiritual: A Tandem Friends School graduate engages the sacred and cultivates inner stillness.
  • Social: A Tandem Friends School graduate strives to live a generous and authentic life.
  • Ethical: A Tandem Friends School graduate lives a life of ethical values, acts for peace and justice, and embraces diversity in all people.
  • Emotional: A Tandem Friends School graduate has heart and acts with kindness.
School Profile

Check out our School Profile, which provides brief information on classes, faculty, programs, grading, GPA and test score averages, and more.

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  • College Process Timeline

    Planning for college can feel like a daunting task, but by starting early and breaking it into steps there is no need for it to be overwhelming. Each year, there are specific ways that we work with students to make sure they're ready for the big leap after graduation!
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  • Programs & Services

    The Tandem Friends College Counseling Office offers many programs and services throughout the year to keep students informed about and connected to the college selection process.
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  • Writing Preparation

    Writing is a major focus of 9th grade English. We review the writing process and sharpen skills through frequent and varied writing assignments. These include writing prompts, participating in Writer’s Eye at the University of Virginia, analytical essays about the literature we read, and creating and sharing poetry.
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College Counseling Team

    • Peter Gaines, Director of College Counseling (pgaines@tandemfs.org)

If you are a college admissions representative and would like to arrange a college visit, please email our Director of College Counseling, Peter Gaines, at pgaines@tandemfs.org if you have questions or would like to set up a visit.
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