Once you've been a part of the Tandem Friends community, you are always a part of the Tandem Friends community. Our alums are vital to the life of the school, and they feel welcome to return and reconnect. Alums show up for school events, plays, graduation, meeting for worship, and more. Alums frequently stop in for a chat with a favorite teacher. Some come back to coach Tandem Friends School teams. Many alums have returned as parents of Tandem Friends students, adding another generation to this connected community.

Join us for an event this year - we'd love to see you again!

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50th Fridays

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  • Test Your Tandem GPS!

    For this week's 50th Fridays, take a look at some special places and views from Tandem's campus and answer the question - where am I or where was I? Test your Tandem GPS!
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  • Experiential Education Always a Part of Tandem

    Since the beginning, Tandem has emphasized experiential education opportunities for students. At Tandem, these are not just your standard school field trips, some are amazing off-campus jaunts for language immersion, service, outdoor adventure, Emphasis programs, history, arts/cultural immersion, and so much more. These adventures, from the Ganongathon to the 8th grade Arts Emphasis, usually combine community building time, subject area education, and outdoor education or service in the larger community. Got a favorite trip memory?
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  • What's going On at Tandem?

    As we have been digging through the Tandem archives, scanning and sorting old photos and articles to prepare for celebrating our 50th anniversary, we have come across some entertaining finds. Anyone know what's going on here?
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  • Start of School Always Special at Tandem

    The start of every school year is a special time, and we were so excited to welcome students back for orientation this week. While we couldn't welcome our new students with the all of the same traditions as in past years, that wonderful sense of community that defines Tandem was still present for new and returning students and faculty. Share a favorite start of school memory!
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  • Celebrating 40 Years of Spectrum Camps at Tandem

    With summer almost at an end, it's a great time to celebrate our Spectrum Summer Programs, bringing the campus to life for almost 40 summers. Begun in 1982, Spectrum has provided summer after summer of engaging and empowering 'safe havens for creative self-expression.' Led by dynamic director Fran Smith for the past 17 years, Spectrum employs many talented Tandem alums and faculty, as well as older Tandem students as assistants, to provide creative, hands-on explorations into all types of art, dance, music, drumming, fencing, crafts, basketball, theatre, outdoor adventure and so many more activities for elementary and middle school students. The campus is literally abuzz with creative energy for six weeks. Many Spectrum campers eagerly and seamlessly transition into engaged Tandem students. We really missed our young campers this summer so please share a favorite Spectrum memory!
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