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Arts and Events Spotlight

The arts are thriving at Tandem Friends!  With seven drama productions a year, two concerts, open mic performances, art shows, and other music performances around the community, there is always something going on.  Students can take classes in drama, music, visual arts, film and more.  

Check out our upcoming events, recent arts news, recent art photos and more here.

Arts News

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  • Faculty Art Show in Blue Room

    Art teachers Susan Brodie and Julia Sapir have installed this year's faulty/staff art show in the Blue Room. There are paintings/drawings in acrylic, watercolor, oil pencil and mixed media, photos, fiber art, poetry, ceramics and a song you can listen to. This year's faculty art show features the talents of: Catherine, Robert, Susan, Maria, Kim, Mark, Mary, Julia, Heidi, Tracy, Avis, Victoria, Jocelyn and art teacher emeritus Pru Huddleston. More photos will be shared later - for now, enjoy these watercolors by Jocelyn. Many thanks to everyone who participated! Please stop by the Blue Room and enjoy this year's faculty art show while you are on campus for Back to School Night.
  • Upper School Artists Learn to Curate

    Students in Susan Brodies Art 1-5 classes learned the 'art' of curating this week. Students were asked to curate the classroom’s collection of art prints. They worked in groups to sort art prints into categories they determined and then they helped select the prints they thought should be displayed in the classroom. They discussed the role of a curator and the issues curators need to be aware of in their selection process, which included representing a wide range of artists, styles and diversity.
  • Senior Show in Blue Room

    Our Tandem seniors have graduated and the campus is without students right now, but we are still enjoying the artwork of three seniors. Maya Tatel-McMillen and Julian Macalister, both students in Lou Haney's Art Capstone class, ended their final semester in art creating surrealistic artworks for the Senior Show in our Main Building's Blue Room. They even wrote artist's statements about their work. Senior Kemp Reisky took the Capstone class first semester, and focused his Senior Project on Wabi Sabi Ceramics, and some of his pieces were included in the show as well. We're so glad we get to enjoy the creations of these talented grads for a little longer. Thanks and good luck, Maya, Julian and Kemp!

Arts Highlights