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Tandem Friends Fund

Thriving in Tandem

Tandem is committed to a collaborative learning process and utilizes the innate strengths of each community member to expand the horizons of our students. By valuing personal responsibility and mutual respect, we support students as they transform into inspiring leaders and thrive in our ever-changing world. 

Here, students and teachers join daily in the work of learning on our beautiful campus at the foot of Carter Mountain. Our students are encouraged to see the best in themselves and others, as they follow their emerging passions and interests and explore new avenues for growth and learning.

Creating a place where this type of learning can occur is no small feat, and we need the support of our entire community to make it happen. Just as Tandem will always exist in the hearts and minds of the students and families who have passed through our doors, we need your support to shape the future of our school. We hope that you will give to support the amazing endeavor that is the Tandem experience. 
The Tandem Friends Fund supports all areas of a Tandem education.

The heart of Tandem has always been the people: teachers who support and inspire, friendships with classmates that last a lifetime, and coaches, directors, and advisors who prepare our students for a world that needs them.

Faculty and Staff
When you think about Tandem, you immediately think of our teachers. Our faculty shape the experiences and futures of every student that they teach. Attracting and retaining these dedicated professionals requires the school to be able to offer competitive salaries and benefits as well as provide valuable professional development opportunities. 

Financial Aid
We seek students who will thrive in our unique educational environment, who will explore our school program to its fullest, and who will make a difference in the world when they graduate. To maintain a student body that represents a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, walks of life, and financial circumstances, Tandem Friends makes financial aid available each year to families with demonstrated need. During this time of economic uncertainty, our ability to provide financial aid is more important than ever. 

The Tandem experience goes beyond textbooks and classroom instruction; we continue our focus on the “whole child” approach to adolescent education. Tandem Friends offers numerous opportunities for students to explore the arts, athletics, STEM, social justice initiatives and leadership.  

Student and Community Life
Whether on the field or on the stage, in the Student Senate or in the Makerspace, Tandem students choose from a rich array of opportunities to develop their interests, hone their skills and become leaders in any endeavor. Our students organize our Mother’s Day Music Festival, participate in Model UN and Science Olympiad, and dazzle in plays, concerts and art shows. Tandem cares about every student's entire experience and provides professional resources through our Learning Resource Center and our team of school counselors.  

Nancy Hiles Johnson Fund for Student Experiences
The Nancy Hiles Johnson Fund for Student Experiences supports Tandem Friends' experiential education programs, including programs such as grade-level trips, off-campus classroom learning opportunities and student participation in approved conferences and programs.  While trips are on hold during the pandemic, experiential learning still continues with virtual opportunities and the fund builds for when trips can resume.  Learn more about this fund.

Gordon Fields Fund for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives
Working to build and maintain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community is an important part of Tandem’s history and an essential element of who we are today. Doing this well requires focused, intentional effort, connections with organizations, and the investment of significant time and resources. Ensuring ongoing, excellent professional development for the entire faculty and staff and consistent student programming continues to be one of our highest priorities. The Gordon Fields Fund for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives honors the influence Gordon has had on the students and alumni of Tandem Friends School and supports programmatic expenses in the area of DEI. Learn more about this fund.

Our beautiful 31-acre campus is another of our distinguishing characteristics. The graduation lawn with its mature trees and the spacious quad give Tandem Friends a small college campus feel. Our setting remains tranquil despite the constant buzz of activity. 

Buildings and Grounds
Our wonderful maintenance staff is constantly mowing, mulching, removing leaves, planting flowers and tending to trees and shrubs. They also maintain over 57,000 square feet of indoor space plus fields, a meditation garden, and nature trails. Our Main Building is approaching 200 years old and requires careful tending. Whether it is trimming hedges, painting classrooms, checking the boiler or repairing door handles, there is always something to do to keep our physical spaces safe and beautiful.  
Technology and Library
Tandem Friends has made significant investments in technology to support the delivery of our academic programs. Ensuring that every student in grades 5-9 receives a school Chromebook each year has been essential to the feasibility of remote learning. In addition to over 7,000 print titles, our library provides a wide variety of databases and digital resources. Through these resources, Tandem students have access to thousands of newspapers, magazines, primary sources, multimedia and scholarly journals.  

"Tandem isn't just a school...it's a feeling, it's an emotion,
it's a relationship."
~ Lauren (TFS '20)