What better way to create fond childhood memories than a meaningful experience at Spectrum Summer Programs at Tandem Friends? For over 40 years, Spectrum has offered an exciting array of creative classes designed to provoke thought and pique new interests. Spectrum offers your child an abundance of creative possibilities.

The Tandem Friends campus provides a friendly, relaxed environment for creative self-expression. Teen assistants will help eliminate feelings being lost or overwhelmed, particularly with younger children. The wonderful energy created when young people of different abilities and talented teachers work together is one of the many aspects that makes Spectrum unique. Two-week sessions allow ample time for children to realize in-depth exploration of their creative choices and a four-period day provides opportunities for curious students to experiment and try something different.

We are excited to be totally online with our registration and payment processes! Registration is now open and available.

Tips for registration:
1.  Download the catalog so you can browse through the sessions and descriptions. We also make a one-page PDF of the sessions available for an easy visual for selections. 
2.  Jot down which sessions you would like to register for.
3.  For each session, note the 4 classes you would like to attend (one class for each period 1, 2, 3 and 4).
4. Have this information on hand when you click the link for online registration.
5. Note that you can sign up for an extended day in each session for an additional fee of $180.  Simply select it and add it to your cart.
Spectrum 2020 Session Dates

Session 1: June 8-19
Session 2: June 22-July 3
Session 3: July 6-17

Daily Schedule (may be subject to change)
Opening: 8:50-9:00 am
Period 1: 9:00-10:10 am
Period 2: 10:20-11:30 am
Lunch:    11:40-12:10 pm
Period 3: 12:20-1:30 pm
Period 4: 1:40-2:50 pm
Pick-up:   3:00 pm
Extended Day:
8:00 am-5:30 pm

View 2020 catalog now. Registration available online now.

Note on registration: Registration is now open! The link will take you to the Active Networks online registration site.  Once you have selected a session (or sessions), you will then be prompted to register and to select one class for each class period (for a total of four) of the session. 
Be sure to select only ONE class per class period. 
Note: Get in the Game Basketball and Box City require that you register for two daily periods back to back. You must take both periods. NO exceptions. 
Fran Smith has been the Director of Spectrum Summer Programs for seventeen years. If you have questions about the program, workshops, or employment with Spectrum, email Fran or call her at (434) 760-3097.