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Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center helps our students ensure successful academic pursuits. Students are considered for LRC services if a teacher or parent refers them, or through self-referral. Acceptance into the LRC requires that students recognize the need for tutorial assistance and agree to demonstrate sufficient effort while in the program. The central LRC goal is to teach skills that will lead to academic scholarship and independence. The tutorial sessions primarily focus on supporting the student directly with current course work (available throughout Middle and Upper School curriculum). Each LRC family receives a bi-weekly progress report from tutors and teachers. LRC services incur an additional fee.


List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What are the services offered?

    To match students with tutors for study skills, organization and planning strategies, writing skills, and content support.
  • Q: What are the fees?

    $35 to $55 per LRC session
  • Q: Do students have IEPs or 504 Plans?

    As a private school, we do not maintain IEPs or 504 Plans. The LRC Director manages student educational evaluations and communicates the results of the testing to both teachers and tutors. We encourage meetings to discuss your child’s personal needs. The LRC will also be the location where a student can take advantage of:
    • quiet testing environment
    • extended time on quizzes and tests for students with approved accommodations
    • providing a scribe and/or reader of tests/quizzes as needed
    • study hall
    Educational evaluations and any accommodations made based on the evaluation can be for any student at Tandem Friends School. The student does not need to be enrolled in the LRC.
  • Q: Are there progress reports for my student?

    Approximately every other week, the LRC tutor posts progress reports for parents to view on the portal, including specific information from the student’s teachers.
  • Q: When does a student "graduate" from the LRC?

    Scaffolding support will occur and as the student adopts specific strategies on his/her own, the tutor, LRC Director, any teacher, and/or the parent can request less support and move the student towards independence. That is the ultimate goal of the LRC.
    • Learning Resource Center Director, Parent of Tandem Alums

Contact the LRC

If you have questions about LRC services and your student, please contact LRC Director Mara Kennedy by email or by phone at (434) 296-1303 ext. 318.