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Mission & Philosophy

Rooted in Quaker values, Tandem Friends School prepares young people for higher education and fulfilling lives of integrity, creative expression and service. ~ Tandem Friends Mission Statement
At Tandem Friends School, we believe that the finest education is achieved through an active partnership between faculty and students. We honor students by holding them to high standards. Teachers are dedicated to the intellectual, aesthetic and moral growth of each student. In turn, our students are expected to enter into this partnership with a sense of responsibility and respect for their mentors and for the entire school community.

Our community has a remarkable tradition of educating young learners to become powerful and purposeful adults. Students at Tandem Friends are honored and respected as they grow into adulthood. Providing an exemplary academic experience in a spiritual community based on Quaker values is an uplifting and sustaining mission that binds us together in a shared vision.

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  • Philosophy

    The essence of our philosophy is captured in the school’s unofficial mottoes: “Freedom with Responsibility” and “Kindness and Wisdom."
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  • Academic Excellence

    Founded on uniquely collaborative relationships among faculty and students, Tandem Friends School offers an academic and intellectual education of the first order. We nurture in each student an enthusiasm for discovery of knowledge, an appreciation for the beauty and power of ideas, and a commitment to intellectual growth. 
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  • Quaker Values and Integrity

    Life in our community reflects the Quaker belief that there is an ineffable element of the divine in each person, and that the most fulfilling life is one in which we recognize this in ourselves and in others.

    We strive to honor the traditional Quaker values of simplicity in our personal habits; peace and reconciliation; integrity; community; a social order marked by equality and justice; and an abiding commitment to service and environmental stewardship. 
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