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A Day in the Life

A typical day at Tandem Friends begins with a morning meeting by division and includes five academic periods (one of them a long block), a 40-minute lunch block, and a 40-minute community time block that might be a study hall, an advisory period, a Meeting for Worship or query group, or a thought-provoking Speaker Series. 

Tandem is unique in many of the facets of the Friends education we provide, such as service learning and community service, environmental stewardship, diversity, a celebrated summer arts program, experiential education, and a strong and democratic student government. There are also many special projects and special days that are 'uniquely Tandem Friends,' cherished traditions that every student values and remembers forever.

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  • Daily Classes

    Classes begin right after Morning Meeting and all classes meet a minimum of four times per week. Ten-minute morning breaks are held every morning, a 40-minute lunch is held at the same time every day, and 40-minute Community Time blocks for things such as Meeting for Worship, Speaker's Series and Advisory, meet every day after lunch.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities-Clubs

    Students can choose to participate in a number of extracurricular activities. Students with a strong interest in an activity are encouraged to take a leadership role and start a group of their own. Note that COVID-19 may have paused or altered some of the activities listed below.
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  • Food

    Community and food go hand in hand here; we like to eat together! From epic potlucks to theatre tech week snacks to tacos, this community agrees that food brings people together. Sports teams sometimes share post-game meals together, and our theatre and concert concessions usually include home-baked goods. Our seniors and their families share a final baccalaureate meal together. Our Parent Teacher Association showers our faculty with delicious snacks during Faculty Appreciation days. Environmental stewardship dictates how, and sometimes what, we eat. Our lunches are served on real plates with real cups and silverware. We do not have soda machines on campus (just water coolers). We compost all organic food waste and use compostable paper products. (Note that some of these processes may currently be different due to COVID-19.)
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  • Freedom with Responsibility

    "Freedom with Responsibility" is an ideal simple to express, but difficult in practice. Freedom in an educational setting allows for the growth of the individual in ways often unforeseen by both adults and students. This unpredictable quality is the source of much of the excitement and joy in our approach to education. Students here learn that freedom is extended in a direct relationship to responsibility. Responsible freedom is not merely permissive. We require students to consider the consequences of their actions, not just for themselves but for their fellow students, their teachers, and the school itself.
  • Kindness and Wisdom, with Kindness Always First

    One of Tandem's other mottoes is "Kindness and Wisom, with Kindness Always First." “Kindness and Wisdom” reflects the Friends belief that the Inner Light of Wisdom exists within each human being. When we seek and then express that Wisdom, it is manifested as kindness towards others.
  • Morning Meeting

    Morning Meeting begins every school day, by division and often by grade in the Middle School, with a few moments of settling silence, then meeting leaders call on those who have announcements to make. Morning Meeting provides daily connection to community, an opportunity to find out about the day's events, and an open forum for those who have announcements to share.
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  • No-Cut Sports

    Our Athletics Department practices a 'no-cut' sports policy; students who wish to play on a (grade-appropriate) team become part of that team. There is no tryout process, and no cuts are made during the season. Players who expect to have play time attend practices responsibly and show dedication to the team. Our no-cut sports policy gives students the freedom to try different sports or play multiple sports during the school year.
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  • School Dances

    The Middle School enjoys Middle School dances and Movie Nights several times a year, planned by the 8th grade with faculty supervision. Middle Schoolers from other independent schools are invited, with a small entry fee that is usually reduced if canned food donations are contributed. The dances are supervised by faculty, with music and a snack sale organized by the 8th graders.
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  • Work Crew

    The role that students and faculty play in maintaining the buildings and grounds is one of the school's oldest and finest traditions, that of all members of the community working together to keep the school clean and organized. The spirit that moves students to take care of their school is renewed by the work they perform; every sweep of a broom signifies a commitment to a community whose benefits far outweigh those of a clean floor.
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