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  • Alum players and fans - alums vs varsity game

    Annual Alumni vs Varsity Basketball Game and Turkey Bowl Bring Alums Back

    This year's annual alumni vs varsity basketball game was played on Tuesday, November 26 to a rowdy crowd. While there were not enough alums to form a full team to take on the girls, one female alum joined the guys in the game while a few others remained as fans.  The alums led for much of the time, but in the end the varsity boys prevailed (with a little help from coach Sampson Dale, a former Tandem Middle Schooler). You can catch some video of the second half of the game on our Facebook page - the game included lots of good-hearted fun and taunting.

    Alum players, coached and cheered on by former coach Gordon Fields, included Matt Meriwether ('05), Anthony Nelson ('19), Javon Carter ('17), Aslan Urushanov ('17), Matt Mahoney ('11), Kate Moody ('13), Tommy White ('16), Jalen Anderson ('19), Ian Bloom ('15), Rodes Jarman ('17), and Latrell Winkey ('18). Alum fans in attendance (many of whom were players themselves) included (at least these are the ones in the post-game photo) Jake Minturn (03), Dirk Kingma ('04), Nick Passino ('19), Emma Passino ('17), Maggie Passino ('13), Jordan Drexel ('15), Tori Carter-Johnston ('18), Kalina Zizulka ('18), Jeremy Odrich ('19), Brendan Mahoney ('08), and Rebecca Barber ('11). Many thanks to all who came out to support this fun annual event. We are told there will be a girl's game next year, so former players, be ready!

    On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we held the annual John A. Davis Memorial Turkey Bowl, a longstanding Tandem tradition that's an open soccer game for all ages held the day after Thanksgiving on the pitch. This year's attendance was particularly affected by the UVA-Virginia Tech football game, so only a few intrepid souls came out to play. Alums Tommy White ('16), Ali Abdel-Rahman ('16) and Dirk Kingma ('04) came to play, as did Dirk's wife Jackie Rose Kingma (former Tandem Athletic Director and teacher) and their daughter, June. Former drama teacher and Development Director Larry Goldstein also attended, as did Advancement Director Tracy Proctor. Thanks to those who came out - we're hoping for a bigger turnout next year.

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  • Alum Levi Schult (TFS '17) Talks about Pulsars

    The November 15 Speaker Series brought another familiar face to campus - alum Levi Schult (TFS '17) returned to engage the community with tales of his work with pulsar technology in India last summer. Levi, a physics major and junior at UVA, spent the summer working and travelling in India. He talked about the study of pulsars and their gravitational waves. Levi noted that by studying these radio waves that send out regular pulses, scientists can gain a better understanding of gravity and Einstein's theories. 
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  • Alum Student Athletes Return to Share College Sports Advice

    We were pleased to welcome two Tandem alum student athletes - Briana Carel (TFS '12) and Scottie Chambers (TFS '15) - to our college sports meeting in early November to share their insights about playing at the Div 2 and Div 3 college levels. Briana played soccer at Ferrum College and is currently teaching kindergarden locally. Scottie played basketball and volleyball at Pfeiffer College and now works at UVA as a sports chaplain with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Both Bri and Scottie had great advice to give about playing sports at the college level and about life in general. It's always wonderful when our alums return to give back to current Tandem students.
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