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    Grow in Tandem

Tandem Friends School is where curious students become engaged, inspired, purposeful people.

A co-ed Quaker day school, Tandem Friends gives students in grades 5-12 the freedom - and the responsibility - to collaborate in their education; contribute to their community; explore their imaginations; and lead life with kindness, wisdom, creativity and integrity.

Tomorrow's Leaders Grow in Tandem

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  • Tomorrow’s Leaders Grow in Tandem

    Interested in learning more about Tandem Friends School or Friends education? Contact Admissions Director Mary Lyman Bias at or 434-951-9314 and check out the many helpful resources on this website's admissions page. 

    Tandem Friends School is where curious, creative students become engaged, inspired, purposeful people. Ready to join them - and to change the world? 
  • Spectrum Summer Program 2023

    Spectrum Summer Program is a fun and educational program designed for rising 1st through 6th graders. It offers a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn and enjoy different art forms, express their creativity and develop their artistic skills through hands-on activities and projects. The camp allows children to explore different art mediums, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, theater, dance, music, drumming, sewing, and more, under the guidance of experienced and qualified instructors. The instructors provide technical knowledge and skill-building opportunities while fostering your child’s imagination and creativity. Your child can choose activities to engage in while working closely with peers, counselors, and instructors throughout their session.  

    The 2023 Spectrum Summer Program session periods are:
    • Session 1: June 12 - 23
      Session 2: June 26 - July 7
    NEW! Spectrum One-Week Classes for Rising 7th-9th Graders - Offerings include a  creative writing course, a doodling course, stop-motion animation, and a local history exploration. Click here for detailed information on each offering. Click here to register for one of the courses - you’ll find these new classes tucked in after the Session 1 offerings and after the Session 2 offerings.

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