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    Grow in Tandem

Tandem Friends School is where curious students become engaged, inspired, purposeful people.

A co-ed Quaker day school, Tandem Friends gives students in grades 5-12 the freedom - and the responsibility - to collaborate in their education; contribute to their community; explore their imaginations; and lead life with kindness, wisdom, creativity and integrity.

Tomorrow's Leaders Grow in Tandem

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  • Tomorrow’s Leaders Grow in Tandem

    Interested in learning more about Tandem Friends School or Friends education? Sign up for an upcoming monthly Admissions Information Session, held September through April using this link. Upcoming sessions:

    • Tuesday, September 26 from 9-10:30am
    • Tuesday, October 17 from 9-10:30am
    • Tuesday, November 7 from 9-10:30am

    Contact Admissions Director Mary Lyman Bias at or 434-951-9314 and check out the many helpful resources on this website's admissions page. 

    Tandem Friends School is where curious, creative students become engaged, inspired, purposeful people. Ready to join them - and to change the world? 
  • Meet Our New Faculty and Staff

    We're so excited to welcome our new faculty and staff members to Tandem Friends! (Some of them may look familiar as they started after our 2022-2023 opening days.) It's been wonderful getting to know them and to discover the many gifts they bring to our community. Please join us in welcoming them to Tandem.

    L to R: Paul Cronin (Middle School Director); Kayla Coverston (5th/6th Grade); Sarah Donelson (5th/6th Grade); Ned Fischer (7th/8th History); Lisa Wallace (Upper School Spanish); Jessica Turner (Front Desk and Health Office Coordinator); Ronda Hewitt (Upper School Drama); Jeffery Timmerman (Upper School Science); Tim Jenson (Upper School Math); Emily Kinser (5th/6th/7th Math)
  • Recommended by QuakerEd Reads

    By Sharlee DiMenichi, Friends Journal

    The BlackQuaker Project

    Understanding Classroom Anxiety and Practical Strategies to Help
    School Health and Wellness, ISM

    Teaching Kids the Right Way to Say ‘I’m Sorry’
    by Kara Newhouse, Mindshift, KQED

    How Durable is your Immunity?
    William Hanage on COVID outlook for fall and winter, hybrid protection, vulnerability of older people, and the wisdom of Taylor Swift, by Alvin Powell, The Harvard Gazette
    Oceans Over Plastic
    Biodegradable plastics and an in-depth exploration of the impacts of microplastics in aquatic environments.
    Student Environmentalism and Sustainability Network, SEASN
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