Advisory Program

The advisory program is a key component of the curriculum in both the Middle School and the Upper School and reflects a commitment to realizing the mission of the school at each grade level. All students are assigned to small group advisories by grade and meet once each week. The advisory program is designed to support and empower the student in personal development, self-advocacy, ethical behavior, academic excellence, and community engagement.
Quaker history and values are examined in the advisory curriculum and inform the school-wide advisory themes of community, integrity, service, simplicity, justice, compassion, peace, and stewardship. Advisory activities focus on goals, themes, and issues of importance to individual grade levels and to the school community as a whole. The advisory curriculum allows the flexibility to respond to matters of importance in the life of the school. Advisory activities also include review of individual students’ academic goals and progress and review of grades and comments.

Nothing is more important in the life of our school than student voice and well being. To that end, the advisory system will always allow for “Topics” to be brought before the group, should there be a perceived need to do so. No amount of scheduling should hinder the invaluable experience of spontaneous and heartfelt needs being expressed. Advisors will guide the conversation with their advisees.