Student Leadership

Since its founding, Tandem Friends has embraced John Dewey's idea that a school should serve as an "embryonic democracy" in which students participate directly in the life of the school.

In the Upper School, seniors run morning meeting, and Upper School students may run for election to the governing student body - the Student Senate. The Student Senate's mission is to enrich the school community by representing students. The Senate sponsors experiential learning opportunities for students, working to cultivate community service and to extend learning beyond the classroom. 

The Senate works to deepen our Quaker identity and to foster a thriving spiritual life at the school. The Senate provides opportunities for students to engage in the life of the school by hosting social gatherings such as dances, and facilitating student engagement. The Senate represents students in policy making to the faculty and within the community and runs Open Meetings. Senate officers and grade representatives are elected from within the Upper School each year.
Occasional Open Meetings are called when students feel compelled to give voice to questions or concerns.

In the Middle School, 8th graders lead morning meeting, and plan and run Middle School dances, getting a taste of what it takes to work organizationally together.

Students in both divisions are given leadership opportunities on sports teams, in extracurricular activities and clubs, and more.