Community and food go hand in hand here; we like to eat together! From epic picnics to theatre tech week snacks, this community agrees that food brings people together. Our Parent Community showers our faculty with delicious snacks during Faculty Appreciation days. Environmental stewardship dictates how, and sometimes what, we eat. We encourage the use of real cups and silverware, and offer water bottle filling stations around campus. We do not have soda machines on campus. We compost organic food waste.
Lunch Program: Our daily lunches, Monday through Friday, are cooked on site by Chef Lisa's Kitchen, our lunch caterer. Meals are delicious and healthy, created with good nutrition and tasty local ingredients at the forefront. Students can sign up and pay for lunches online, or buy on a pay as you go basis. Lunch is served in our cafe and students can eat outside, in the Pavilion, or many other places around campus.

Take a stroll on the quad during a sunny lunchtime and you will find students and faculty eating together, taking the time to understand an assignment or finish a conversation in class that sparked interest. Parents volunteer in the lunchroom, getting to know each student by name. In the Pavilion, a group of sixth graders might be eating lunch together, chatting with nearby adults. Faculty friends share a lunchtime talk. It's not unusual to find alums dropping in, seeking out favorite teachers to share what's new in their lives. A guitar and a fiddle might strike up a tune, or an electric guitar and some drums. Each small cluster of friends knows that they are part of the much larger community of learners that make up the school - students, faculty, parents, alums, and friends.

Healthy snacks are also available for purchase in the cafe every day during morning break.