Work Crew

The role that students and faculty play in maintaining the buildings and grounds is one of the school's oldest and finest traditions, that of all members of the community working together to keep the school clean and organized. The spirit that moves students to take care of their school is renewed by the work they perform; every sweep of a broom signifies a commitment to a community whose benefits far outweigh those of a clean floor.
Fifth grade students are responsible for cleaning their classrooms under the supervision of their teacher. The rest of the school buildings and grounds (except bathrooms and the cafe) are divided into distinct areas, with a work crew responsible for each. The work crews are composed of students in 6th through 12th grades. As crew leaders, selected juniors and seniors are provided an ideal and challenging leadership opportunity. Faculty members serve as work crew advisors and participate to the fullest extent possible.

All students in grades six through twelve have a work obligation of 85 days (approximately one-half of the school year). The year is divided into quarters and students are assigned to a work crew every other quarter. All work is performed after school from 3:40pm to 3:55pm. Students who have athletic games that interfere arrange to perform their portion of work crew during lunch.