Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship is the center of organized spiritual activity here. Each Wednesday, the school community gathers for forty minutes of shared silence. We sit in silence, listening inwardly, together. Sometimes someone shares a thought. Sometimes a "query" is presented for reflection at the beginning of the Meeting. Always, we go to Meeting with the belief that each member of the community carries an Inner Light which can be gleaned and expressed when one listens deeply to oneself and others.
Meeting offers a period of quiet meditation, a time for all to sit together in thoughtful and deliberate silence. Meeting is a process of sharing, searching and listening for meaning and understanding in a safe and calm space.

As has been the Friends' practice for over 350 years, our community gathers together in quiet reflection to listen for the Inner Voice. Out of this calm center, and after an initial period of settling-in, members may become more sensitive to all that is sacred around us. When moved to speak from a calm center, teacher and student alike provide vocal ministry to the community. Every Meeting for Worship is different, in part because there is no official liturgy, and also because thoughts and concerns that may weigh heavily on members change from week to week. Meeting for Worship punctuates what can otherwise be a fast-paced week of learning with a quiet, meditative period of calm reflection.

Some Meetings for Worship are open to parents and members of the Charlottesville Friends Meeting.