Tandem Science Olympiad Team Scores Big Success

The Tandem Science Olympiad teams had a big showing on Saturday, January 26 at the Charlottesville Regional Tournament putting in 8 hours of hard work participating in 21 events of competitive science. Their efforts were well rewarded at the awards ceremony with medals in several events for Division B (middle school) and Division C (high school). The Division C team had a record night earning medals in half of the events (10/21) offered at the tournament and scoring an impressive 3rd place overall ranking. This rank means that Tandem qualifies for the Division C state tournament at UVA on March 23, 2019. This is the third consecutive year Tandem has qualified for the state tournament - awesome job team!
At the awards ceremony, medals were given to the top 6 places and trophies were given to the top 5 overall schools. As schools can field multiple teams (up to three), it is possible for a single school to earn multiple medals in an event. This is especially common for schools like Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology (TJHSST) or Fairfax as their programs are very competitive and often qualify to compete at the national level. This means that when a school like Tandem earns a regional 4th place medal, it is possible that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals were all earned by teams from a single school such as TJHSST. Thus, earning a medal in an event, regardless of exact place, is difficult and quite an achievement.
Below is a breakdown of the results from the awards ceremony:
Division B awards:
- Crime Busters: 6th place medal (team B1, Josie Fischman & Emi Murphy)
- Codebusters: 5th place medal (team B1, Josie Fischman, Emi Murphy & Solly Goluboff-Schragger)
- Mystery Architecture: 3rd place medal (team B1, George Vavrik & Lilly Chinn)
Division C awards:
Anatomy & Physiology: 5th place medal (Daisy Schult & Olivia Bullock)
Astronomy: 6th place medal (Ethan Barnes & Jonathan Scholl)
Boomilever: 4th place medal (Nathan Stevenson & Josh Warren)
Fermi Questions: 4th place medal (Ethan Barnes & Kyle Ye)
Forensics: 4th place medal (Leah Gunnoe & Sophie Stevenson)
Mission Possible: 2nd place medal (Leah Gunnoe & Sophie Stevenson)
Mousetrap Vehicle: 6th place medal (Beth Anne Simpson & Adam Zhang)
Protein Modelling: 4th place medal (Jack Chen, Jonathan Scholl, and Kyle Ye)
Sounds of Music: 6th place medal (Daisy Schult & Jack Chen)
Thermodynamics: 6th place medal (Nathan Stevenson & Josh Warren)
Overall Division C top 5 schools:
2. Oakton High School
3. Tandem Friends School
4. Charlottesville High School
5. Centreville High School

Well done, Tandem scientists!!