Richard Alberle (TFS '73)

Richard Aberle, '73, is a professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. He remains dedicated to his love of lacrosse and still carries some regret that we couldn't field a Tandem lacrosse team in the early 70's.

Richard visited Charlottesville and the Tandem campus this summer and opined on the wisdom of Duncan Alling's basketball coaching style and John Howard's tenacity of allowing Richard to graduate but not attend graduation. Richard has coached many college basketball and lacrosse teams and now has accepted his destiny as his son's middle school basketball coach. Richard is also an English teacher and remembers the greatness of the UVA English teachers, Peter Taylor and Douglas Day, who sent their sons to Tandem with Richard.

(from a conversation in front of the Main Building with LArry Goldstein, August 2018)