Tandem Earth Members Partner with Rivanna Conservation Alliance to Clean Up Stream; 5th Graders Clean Up Park

Thanks to the Tandem Earth members (and faculty facilitator Christine Hirsh- Putnam) who came out to work on stream cleanup on Saturday, March 2! They collected loads of trash, including lamps, phones, discarded weightlifting weights, and scooters. It was organized with the Rivanna Conservation Alliance, a group that is responsible for lots of great upcoming events. Check out their website at  https://www.rivannariver.org and stay tuned for more cleanups (Tandem Earth members will likely attend their Earth Day cleanup) and TEC events (Invasive Plant Removal Day, with a date TBD). Nice work, Tandem Earth members!
The previous week, Tandem 5th graders spent part of their Mosaic Day in service to the community, cleaning up in local Darden Town Park. They then got to enjoy a little park play time. Great work, 5th graders!