Senior Project Season is Upon Us

The 2019 Senior Project presentation seasonis upon us! Between March 11 and March 26, seniors will be presenting their projects during Community Time to the Senior Project Committee and the Upper School student community. Middle School students will join us during the Community Time project presentations on March 22. Parents and family are invited to attend any and all presentations. Each day, there will be three or four presentations running concurrently on campus. Students will give a formal presentation for approximately 20 minutes and then open the floor to a Q&A period. We’re looking forward to an inspiring three weeks! The daily schedule of presentations and locations can be accessed on the main website calendar beginning next week and will be updated as any changes occur. Always check the website calendar to be sure.
Another highlight on the horizon is Senior Project Night, Wednesday, March 27, from 6:00-7:30 PM. On this evening, the entire senior class is honored as they present their projects to the community. Family, friends, and technical advisors are warmly invited to attend. The evening promises to be an inspiring one as seniors have explored coaching and mentoring, baking, cake decorating, playing harmonica, playing saxophone, jiu-jitsu, creative writing, composing and recording music, writing a screenplay, voice training for opera, voice training for popular music, bodybuilding, audio editing, ceramics, yoga, cooking, wildlife photography, firefighter training, American sign language, auto mechanics, coding, t-shirt design and marketing, and open water swimming, all subjects as unique, engaging, and impressive as our seniors themselves! Senior Project Night gives us the chance to talk with each senior individually about their project and also gives us the opportunity to celebrate them as a group.

The Senior Project has been an integral part of a Tandem Friends School education since the school's inception. As a long-term independent project, it demanded an enormous amount of student initiative and commitment over the course of an already busy year. Please join us to celebrate our seniors’ accomplishments!