Fencing Fundraiser - Students Raise Money for Oglala Lakota College

As part of TFS fundraising for Oglala Lakota College, senior Harriet Caplin organized and ran the second annual Oglala Challenge on Saturday, March 9. This team fencing event attracted fencers from all over the county, including Tandem fencers Linwood Bailey and Orro Bowers as well as Julia Bailey and Maisie Fischman. Athletes will be collecting pledges for every touch scored to add to the over $500 already raised. The day was a lot of fun, filled with great teamwork, sportsmanship and friends. Special thanks to Solomon and Al for the facilities support!
Every year, Tandem juniors travel to South Dakota, where they experience the land, culture and history of the Oglala Lakota. Several years ago, students were moved to start a scholarship fund to provide tuition for a student to attend the Oglala Lakota College. This is the second year Tandem fencers have supported the fund. There have been other types of fundraisers over the years to support the scholarship fund.