Ti Ames (TFS '13) Returns to Share Their Story

Our Speaker Series today brought us a beloved alum speaker. Ti Ames, TFS ‘13, talked about their life’s journey from TFS to Oberlin and into adulthood. Over that journey, Ti said they had begun to truly understand the Quaker values of peace and community and the importance of finding your light. Ti currently directs productions in Charlottesville, most recently Rent at Live Arts and works as an acting consultant and coach with their business Sankofa Consulting. 

Ti gave us all some powerful advice, saying: "So I end with this: Tandem taught me to speak up, but life continues to teach me to speak true. I am just as grateful for the light and abundance as I am for the lows and the tears. I truly believe that everything does happen for a reason. I don't regret my journey thus far by any means and will continue to find what makes me happy, what leads me in light. Find your light, I promise it's there. It just takes a little living."

We were also treated to a wonderful song from Ti to close out the event
    • Ti Ames, TFS '13