Upper School Experience Week 2019 Great Success

Upper School Experience Week 2019 took place September 9-13 at Tandem Friends. During Experience Week, each grade enjoys class bonding activities and experiential education at the same time.
  • Our 9th graders traveled by car to the Tsali National Forest in North Carolina. From there, they studied Cherokee culture, Appalachian arts, and music as they camped, hiked, performed community service work, learned traditional skills like flint knapping, basketweaving and pottery making, explored historic and spiritually significant local sites, and cooked their own meals around the campfire.

  • Our 10th grade visited Baltimore, where they toured historic Baltimore, explored the Inner Harbor, and performed service work with Friends School of Baltimore, where they stayed. Their jaunts included visits to the McKim Community Center, the Jewish Museum, the Lewis Museum, and Fells Point. They also enjoyed a barbeque dinner with students from Friends School of Baltimore.

  • Our 11th graders flew to the Black Hills of South Dakota, where they stayed on Borderlands Ranch and Retreat Center, experiencing the land and culture of the Lakota, visiting Pine Ridge Reservation and Wounded Knee, and immersing in the heartland as they hiked and explored historic and spiritually significant sites such as Wounded Knee, Bear Butte, and Flag Mountain. It's always a life-altering trip for students and faculty chaperones alike.

  • Our seniors remain on campus for Senior Project brainstorming and guided focus on the college application process (college list, essay topics, and Common Apps are the main items of business), with a few local activities included for fun. This year they enjoyed a Meeting for Worship at Charlottesville Friends Meeting, took on the Cville Escape Rooms and payed a visit to Grand Caverns that included a relaxing picnic. By week's end, most had a college list underway, a Common Application mostly completed, and the beginnings of a Senior Project in process.